Has anyone done the plastic pants over underwear on their toddler for Potty training?

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My MIL just mentioned it on the way out the door that I might want to try putting plastic pants on over the underwear because it seems that just going from diapers to underwear isn't working for my daughter. She said it would probably help since my daughter keeps choosing to wear underwear now instead of her pull ups. Yes we keep pull ups in the house for night time use and outtings.

My own mother said while she's in the house to let her wear the underwear until she has 2 accidents in them. Then take them away and put her back in her pull ups......give her an hour break then start up again. It was the method that worked with my nephew better then anything else. So I've been doing that since yesterday and every 20 mintues I ask if she has to use the potty. Good news about all this is she is at least trying to hold it until she gets to the potty so I know the idea is getting through to her.

any way....I just want to know other people's experience with plastic pants over underwear or something simular. Really don't want to change the method to much because I'm afraid to confuse her now that we've made a little progress in this whole training mess.


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Hi Sharon...the plastic over the underpants did NOT work for me. They were not comfortable for my daughter to wear at all. We had better luck with the padded underwear...it's extra thick (but still soft) so that it absorbs at least some of the urine when they have an accident and there is less mess to clean up.

My best advice is to invest in a good carpet cleaner :).

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Being a new g-ma I am having fun with all the new baby items on the market. Thirty years ago plastic pants were as common as the cloth diaper. We loved the introduction of pampers dissposables. They had to be attached with diaper piins and had no elastic in the legs like today. we used plastic pants over the pamper for safety when going out of the house. Keeping a baby dry on a cold night helps them sleep through the night. Little boys often wet through their diapers early on and a plastic pant is the answer. My only daughter was a dressed up baby doll after raising boys. We could find dressy plastic pants for girls and eyelet underpants to cover the training pants when wearinng dresses.

So, here I am searching for grandbabies learning from all you wonderful new mothers. Thx for youur comments.

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Today we put plastic pants over my grandsons night time pamper. Started before he was a year old as he started waking up at night. Fixed the problem immediately. Wanted to clarify as my previous post may not have been clear.

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