Has anyone else who breast feeds had acid reflux issues.

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K so I thought breast milk was a natural antacid but My baby has reflux and I finally got her put on zantak for it is their something I should stop eating that would also help?

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Erin - posted on 11/27/2011




This is old so you are probably through this but for others I thought I should post-YES-you should do an elimination diet (look it up through Dr. Sears site) I had to do this and after a few weeks identified both soy and dairy as TERRIBLE for my little one. Eventually I reintroduced soy no problem but to this day (16 months) she won't tolerate dairy. I did not know about this to start and was eating so much cheese and tons of food with dairy and it made the reflux so much worse. She was still horrible even with the elimination but if I had any dairy she would get crusty eyes and runny nose and super fussy...awful. Do not wait for baby to outgrow it-things could be a lot better if you just identify what makes it worse.

Carmen - posted on 07/09/2010




nope... she will grow out of it... but in the meantime just feed her almost upright and after feeding hold her almost upright for about five minutes before putting her down to sleep...

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