Has anyone ever had exzema while pregnant? I have 2 kids and never had this problem before. I have it all over my face, neck, and chest. I have tried benadryl cream and pills and oatmeal baths. None of it is working. Uh, its unbearable. Any other suggestions on what else I can try!?


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Carol - posted on 05/26/2012




I had it as a child, and during my 1st and 2nd trimester to the point my feet and hands where constantly itchy, red and puffy and had hard bumps on them. What worked for me was soaking my feet ( which where the worst) in warm water for a few minutes, then rubbing them with lotion, i just put lotion on my hands. Here are some things from WebMD you can try. http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-t...
I wouldnt try an oatmeal bath, my sister in laws daughter had bad eczema at 9/10 months and the bath just made it worse.

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