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Tina - posted on 12/15/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Your baby can read? My son is 1, and he is deaf in his left ear..I though that maybe this would be good for him. Has anyone tried it?


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Brittany - posted on 12/16/2009




Yes, my cousin bought it for her daughter and it was great! Her daughter just turned two and she speaks so clearly it is unbelievable! :)

LaTonya - posted on 12/16/2009




Hi, Tina. I have your baby can read. I think it is a wonderful tool to help your child learn. The program have DVDs, books, and word cards that assist in helping your baby learn to read and recognize words. It is all about repetition and that is how we all learn by doing something over and over until we perfect what we are trying to acomplish in life. Communicating and interacting with your child with their ABCs,reading to them daily and actually having them hear/see the letters and words. Hope I have helped you with your question. May GOD Bless You and Your Family-LaTonya.

Jodi - posted on 12/16/2009




I have not tried it but I have read up on it. Here's what I have gathered from reading: Your Baby can Read teaches your child to memorize words instead of learning to read. It does not teach your child the alphabet which is the building block to reading. They do not learn how letters go together to make certain sounds, words, sentences and so forth. They will memorize words, even sentences and probably understand them but their reading comprehension is actually lower than children who learned the traditional way. If your son is having a hard time verbally, try signs with him. My daughter has perfect hearing but we use signs to help her communicate words she can't verbalize yet. Practice the alphabet with him, read lots and talk talk talk! Best of luck on whatever you choose!

Danielle - posted on 12/16/2009




I have not tried it but I wanted to get it for my daughter she is 10 months old. please let me know if you find out anything

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