Has anyone fallen pregnant years after having tubes clamped?

Krissy - posted on 10/09/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I had my tubes clamped only on 5 feb 2000 when I had my last baby via c-section. Last year in august I missed a period and I knew I was pregnant but it didn't feel right, neg tests, so I went in for an ultrasound no baby but specialist recommended beta HCG as I had a 14mm lining on my uterus, late September I started to have a painful bleed and went back to normal cycles after a month no symptoms, I believe I had a tubal but my Dr says it's impossible to fall pregnant after clamping.

Well my last MP was 25 July I've missed august, September, having pregnancy symptoms, not like last year, there's no pain no dizziness, but i do not feel pregnant, in saying that I didn't feel pregnant with my first child either and it took almost 4 months to get a positive result.

I went to a female doctor 3 weeks ago and she states all my symptoms are pregnancy, when I told her my normal doctor said it was impossible she said never listen to a male doctor haha she herself was almost 5 months pregnant with her last before she got a positive and her family planning nurse who had her tubes cut burnt and tied was 6 months pregnant before a positive and not just gaining weight as they all thought :D

Doctor done an internal and said I had a slightly enlarged inverted uterus, so she done a normal blood test but also done all bloods associated with pregnancy when you get a positive, I've done 2 at home urine both negative but the last one I done yesterday morning didn't work, nothing, not even a correct test line & I didn't do it wrong. This morning I wake up my breasts are so sore and my nipple are hard, it's driving me insane lol, I'm tired, down right exhausted, a bit nauseated mostly at night, I normally do not eat ice cream but seem to be craving it, I'm heavy in my lower abdo, a bit crampy all over no centralised pain, itchy c-section scar and I really really want that u/sound but apparently it needs to be a special one because of my uterus.

Has anyone ever been in similar circumstances and if so what was the outcome? Did you have a successful pregnancy?

Thanks xxx

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