Has anyone had a bad Pre-Eclampsia Experience?

Amber - posted on 03/07/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I had severe Pre-Eclampsia....I got put in the hospital at 30 weeks....I was seeing double....my head felt like it was going to explode....I gained 40 lbs. plus I swelled more in the hospital....Feet looked like they were going to explode....The blood pressure cup felt like it was going to explode my hand off....my hand would swell and turn purple when it would take my blood pressure....I was on the magnesium before my son was born....I thought that was what was making my vision blurry....But I guess it was all the blood pressure....I was asleep for 3 whole days pretty much and I don't remember anything about my stay in the hospital....after my son was born....I didn't no where I was or I was that I was married or even pregnant....I didn't know anything at all which was very scary....But later on I started to remember who I was that I was pregnant....When I got to see my son for the first time....It was so unreal that he was mine....because for the longest time I could not remember my pregnancy at all....Which also was very scary....After my surgery I could not get out of my bed and walk....I felt if I was just learning how to walk for the first time....I fell to the floor and my husband and mom caught me....I was shaking, scared, and nervous....My son spent 1 month in the NICU he was on ivees for 4 or 5 days he was on his c-pap for 5 or 6 days and than was off of everything except the feeding tube and the heart monitor because of the apnea he kept having....he came home at 4lbs. do to the hospital kicked him out because of our insurance ran out....we requested a heart monitor because my son would still stop breathing and we would shake him a little to get him breathing again....it was all a scary tramatic experience for me....Has anyone else had this bad experience....Also my mom had pre-eclampsia with my brother and with me she was fine....So, has anyone else's mom have pre-clampsia and than u have it with your first pregnancy and have a preemie baby and get severe pre-eclampsia again another preemie? Like to hear some more severe pre-eclampsia stories?


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Kelly - posted on 03/08/2011




I know just what you went through, the best time of your life became your worst nightmare, Been there done that and it's very hard to get over. I had severe pre-eclampsia and to this day still have high blood pressure, so make sure you get your blood pressure checked. My son is 8yrs, I lost 3 days of my life durring that time, I was also asleep for 3 days, when I woke my son was born by c-section was was taken to a hospital 60 miles away, I only lost track of a few days, I remember waking up and screamming for the nurse, because my baby was not in me and I had no clue what happend, After they told me it started to come back, I had other problems also, I had a blocked common bile duct going from my gall bladder to my pancrease and almost died from that alone, the pre-eclampsia followed after, my son was in one hospital and I was in another. He came back after 5 weeks, I was still in the hospital, so I didn't get to meet him at all for the first month, my husband was a true hero for all of us. The hospital I was at was really awesome, they let my son stay in my room with me, but with no help, my husband stayed with us and fed and changed my son at night, it only lasted 2 nights and then we were all able to go home, I am greatful that the wonderful nurses but a bassnette in my room and looked the other way. I was told by my doctor that more then likley if I ever had a child that I would get pre-clampsia again, and it could kill me next time, something you may want to talk to your doctor about, there was no family history and this was my 3rd child, first from my second husband. I hope this helped you. Im not sure how long ago the birth was, but I did have some problems getting over this traumatic experience. It will work out over time, but this experience will stay with you forever. If you want to talk more I would be happy to talk with you. Love that little baby and thank God everyday for the babys life and yours,

Louise - posted on 03/08/2011




I went through something similar to pre clampsia as I had an almighty shock that sent me realling into high blood pressure. It all started when I took my dog to the vets for a routine check and I ended up having to put him down that day. A healthy cocker spaniel I thought who I was very attached to and only 5 years old. The stress of having to put him down sent my bloody pressure off the scale and within an hour my vision had gone completley. I was being sick and freezing cold. My husband took me into hospital where they drew bloods and gave me some sort of medication. The babies heart rate had also shot up dangerously high and they decided to deliver by emergency c section. We always knew that she was a big baby and weighed 9lb 3oz, you could tell that she was not ready to be born as she had black hair on her ears, which apparently is normal for such an early delivery. It did worry me I thought I had given birth to a warewolf! lol

I think each pregnancy is different and if you decide to have more children you will be screened very closely for any early signs.

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