has anyone had a spinal headache?

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i had my baby 2 months ago. i had my 2nd c-section. they gave me a spinal tap. after the first day i started getting headaches then after a few hours they were so bad i was crying.it was excruciating more worse than my recovery from my c-section i didnt know at the time what it was. after i was released from the hospital i went back the next day because my headaches were getting worse and i couldnt even take care of my baby. they just gave me some pain meds and i went back home. the next day i went back to the hospital and i was there all day trying to figure out what was wrong. they finally told me it was a spinal headache and they needed to put blood back in me through spinal tap again. about an hour after they did it i felt so much better. but now 2 months later my lower back is just in so much pain. i think it might be from the spinal tap but im not sure. anyone else have this problem?


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I had a spinal headache last summer. I woke one morning and couldn't turn my head. Over the course of two days, the pain was so bad that I was throwing up and had a fever (I also had a cold). I went to the ER. Because I had a fever and sore neck, they did a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. No meningitis, but the next day, I had such a horrible headache that I literally puked on my pillow (gross, I know). By the end of the day, I was back at the ER. I was diagnosed with a spinal headache, caused by the spinal tap. Leaking spinal fluid, basically. They mentioned the procedure you're talking about, with injecting my own blood back into my spinal sack, to help create a clot to plug the hole where the fluid was leaking, but they wanted to try and rehydrate me first. I was in the ER for about 8 hours, went through about 4 bags of fluids and STILL couldn't pee. That's how dehydrated I was. Also, they gave me two shots of dilaudid and some anti-nausea medication in the IV and I was feeling zeroooo pain. However, they kept me there and kept pumping me full of fluids until I finally peed. They then sent me home with a prescription for vicodin (which I never even filled) and I've been ok since. I would never wish that kind of pain on anyone, and I'm sorry you're having complications from it! As for if your back pain is related to your spinal tap? That's something only your doctor would know for sure. After my spinal tap and the fiasco afterwards, I was pretty much back to normal within about two weeks, maybe not even that long. So, I think you need to talk with your doctor about it and, in the mean time, keep yourself hydrated. I have other body pain (mostly related to other injuries) and I notice that if I'm not hydrated, I hurt more. Water, water, water! Best of luck and hope you're feeling better soon :)


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i just had a spinal 6 weeks ago, i get headaches every day, it is very sore. i thought it might be from the spinal, think i must contact my gine. hope there is help,i drink pills every day

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