Has anyone had Preeclampsia before 30 weeks delivered a preemie and had a second baby?

Amber - posted on 02/23/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I had mine son a few days after 30 weeks due to Preeclampsia....My son weighed 3 lbs. and 2 ozs. He was in the hospital for a month....I was in for a week....I was on the Magnesium before my son was delivered my c-section and couple days later they were going to put me back on it after delivery due to my bp spiking back up....I was seeing double as well....walls were leaning....My son came home at 4 lbs....He is now a healthy 22 month old....He is my Miracle Baby....Wondering has anyone had my experience and had a second baby?


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Amber - posted on 02/23/2011




I had pre-eclampsia at 30 weeks and was on bedrest until 36 weeks when they had to induce me. And I have also been looking into having another child.
My OB told me that it is most common in first pregnancies and also more common if it's a boy. So, having a boy first increases your odds of having it.

I would go talk to your OB and tell them that your thinking about having another child and ask them to discuss the risks with you.

I know that my SO (who is an NP and currently finishing med school) told me that if we do get pregnant again that I need to cut out all foods that could cause high blood pressure from the beginning as a precaution.

Helen - posted on 02/23/2011




My mum had full blown eclampsia with fitting at 30 weeks and unfortunately lost her baby. I should say that this was 40 years ago and the outcome may have been very different nowadays. She went on to have me a couple of years later and delivered through a planned c section at 38 weeks with no problems.
I had my little boy a couple of years ago, and had pre-eclampsia at 37 weeks. I spoke to my doctor afterwards and he explained it in simple terms as your bodies way of trying to remove something its not used to. In second and third pregnancies etc, your body has built up a tolerance to your partners genetics and so providing your pregnancy is with the same partner your body shouldnt react in the same way again and you shouldnt have problems with eclampsia. Was certainly the case for my mum, and also for a friend of mine who had her little boy at 35 weeks, having been in and out of hospital from 28 weeks with pre-eclampsia, and then went full term with her daughter with no problems.
Hope that might put your mind at rest a bit x

Stifler's - posted on 02/23/2011




One of my friends had a baby at 28 weeks after pre eclampsia and she's had 2 more babies! I don't think either of the next 2 were seriously premmie either, just a few weeks early by c-section.

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