Has anyone had the feeling that these assoctions seemed to more friendlier with your Ex who gets away with more when he is just a guilty and even felt your laywer is on thier side and way to friendly?


Jackie - posted on 04/03/2014




Can anyone in the Ottawa area direct me to a psychiatrist (they think I have mental illness..my most recent report says NO..but they are being ignorant) that can do an evaluation quickly..way before April 24th..My little girl whom lived primarily with me and always seemed to dislike going to her dads etc made allegations..I reported it but after a polygraph showed he passed all the questions..they are after me for parent alienation which came out of my ex's mouth as well as he says Im unfit and have aniexty issues..mental illness and they seem to be listening to him...) here in Ottawa and get in as quick as possible...its not fair I should wait 6-9 months due to waiting lists and see her less while now he has more access as a polygraph can be done quicker!....
oops Im in the wrong section and probably answering my own question..but can anyone help anyway with aswers?

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