Has anyone had to deal with molluscum contagiosum?


Melanie - posted on 10/12/2017




I don't normally post anything online but I feel like I have to help other parents dealing with molluscum contagiosium. My son had a few of them and I took him to the doctor. He sent us to the dermatologist and they applied beetle juice. This did not solve the problem because those went away and a few more appeared. He had a few on his leg and one on his eyelid. We did not want to do the beetle juice again because it was very expensive and didn't even work. We got so sick of him having them so I went on the Internet and read article after article and blog after blog about this nasty skin condition. We were desperate and I decided to take matters into my own hands. First I tried applying tea tree oil and a bandage. That didn't work. Then I tried the apple cider vinegar route by applying it with a Q-tip and putting on a bandage. That didn't work either. Nothing was working, and the molluscum was itchy and annoying and we were afraid it would spread. He did not take ANY baths, only showers. I do not recommend baths at all, even with apple cider. At that point I decided to try duct tape therapy, which I had read about online. Every night I cut a small piece of duct tape, placed it over the molluscum, pressed on it with a tissue, and then pulled it off. I did this a few times. I cleaned it with tissue and rubbing alcohol (just dabbing once so as not to spread the infection). Then I cleaned it again. Then I sprayed the area with Bactine and let it dry. Now comes the important part. You must keep the molluscum covered, and regular bandages do not stay on, especially overnight. We began using waterproof bandages (Nexium are the best because they have pull tabs that make applying them easier). Then keep the bandage on for a couple of days. The waterproof bandages work really well and no water penetrates them when in the shower. After a couple of days, remove the bandage, being careful not to touch the area. Dispose of everything properly. Then dab it with a dry tissue because it may be a little wet, and repeat the duct tape therapy. We actually switched to black electrical tape which worked even better! I recommend the electrical tape over the duct tape. Continue this every few nights or every night and don't stop until the molluscum is gone, which can take over a month. You will see the molluscum go through stages, but don't worry. This is a normal process. The molluscum will begin to get really red around the edges and the white core will actually come to the top. Like I read on another blog, the molluscum will look very angry! This is normal. Keep using the electrical tape and it will get to the point that the core will start coming off with the tape, but this doesn't happen for a while. Don't get discouraged! Keep up the electrical tape therapy. The surrounding skin may get irritated and red due to the bandages and the tape but that is a small price to pay for getting rid of mollluscum contagiosum! Once it gets to the point that it comes to a head, keep using tape and cleaning it well. Sometimes I even applied tea tree oil and other times acne cream before applying the bandage, and that seemed to speed things up (especially the 10% benzoyl peroxide cream). The cream will irritate the skin but it helped a lot. The next stage is the white head will be gone but a bump will still be there, and it may still ooze and bleed a little. Still continue with taping until comes off and it completely gone. My son had one right under his eyebrow and we did nothing with that one until the other ones were gone. The reason for using the tape is to create an immune response so that the area is irritated and the body will recognize the molluscum as something to reject. The one above the eyelid was not going away but of course I never put acne cream or tea tree oil on that one. All I did was take a small piece of electrical tape and push it on the molluscum and then pull it off. We did this for several weeks. It worked! The molluscum went through all the normal phases. It became bright red and then the core came to a head. Every few days we used the tape and then one day the core came off. It was finally gone. A small scab formed and we left it alone. It fell off on its own and he is now molluscum-free. I hope this helps someone!

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my son had 3 spots on him.. a huge one of the back of his neck.. a medium sized one of the side of his neck and one on his chest... i popped the one on the back of his neck and got some puss out and then put like proxide over it and then left it alone and it completely is gone now.. i did the same with the one on the side of his neck ( it was HUGE last week ) and now its barley there.. and im just going to leave the one on his chest alone and see if it goes away on its own since its not really big

Tania - posted on 11/14/2011




My liitle guy had got it from swimming lessons last Aug (10) All the doc said there was nothing they could do as it is a virus and it will eventually go away on it own, which can take up to 3 years. It got so bad that he was referred to a Derm, and they used Cantharone. Its a blistering agent and very strong. It can be pretty painful. Thankfully it didn't bother my son at all, but it did leave the ones under his chin looking like awful burns.\
They are now completely gone and I will now bring my own life jacket and noodle to swimming lessons.

Amelia - posted on 11/14/2011




My 10 year old had them when he was in the first grade. He had them for several months which during that time, they had multiplied. He became very self-conscious about them as several were on his face. His doctor said they would go away on their own which could take several months, and often the creams were not effective enough to clear them up. We took the conservative route and waited for a few months, but when that did not prove to be effective, we went back and the doctor removed them using a curette (type of instrument) to "scoop" each one out completely from the skin. He covered each one with spot bandaids (for 24 hours) to prevent spreading of any new lesions. That was the most efficient and effective treatment for us. That method took only minutes to remove, was minimally invasive, left no scars, and they have never returned.

Jessica - posted on 04/27/2010




It took 6 months to clear up - none of the treatments the doctor tried helped. Just make sure that the towels aren't shared and that the bumps are covered up to keep it from spreading...

[deleted account]

yes twice the doctor gave her cream and they went on there own it took a while (6 month) but she does a lot of swimming is where she picked it up

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