Has Anyone have a Deadbeat Dad walk into Social Security office to claim benefits?

Lisa - posted on 08/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ive been havin proplems my whole life with his father.My son has always live with me throughout his whole life. The father is in jail for missing a court date for child support, Yes I called the police for him to be out of my way to pick up my 19 yr old Autistic child.I get there and Police said my son is 19 and he can stay if he wants to. As we know these kids dont deal at all with change..Next day I go to SSD and they handed over a Report sheet of where money is goin? I tryed to break down 10,320 dollars (15 mths) I told the women I needed helpn after how I got treated I felt like I wanted to cry right there..

How do you breakdown this money for Him with minimal reciepts? Btw she finally told meto take it home..

Now second of all Payee has been changed to Grandma..Shes ALWAYS said my son is not here responsablity.

I get a letter stating Kyle needs a payee now

What do I do? The stated theres an investion and There shoulve been a 30 day notice..Pls some one help cuz I have so man appt to take him to..How dare this man say my son lives with him and not me:(


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User - posted on 08/26/2012




Yes, After I got the letter Grma would be payee..Father was declined and for not havin a job..It was like a app to see who was better for him..The letter was stating that I had 30 day to fix this but I got a letter for my son friday that my ssi for kyle needs a payee,, I filed a payee report again

Michelle - posted on 08/26/2012




Surely he would have to have proof. I don't understand how he can do that. Have you spoken to social security?

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