Has anyone skipped a step in potty training?

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We've run into a huge snag in our potty training process and both myself plus the daycare teacher are out of ideas on how to get her to do this step. My little girl will run to the bathroom without telling anyone that she's going when she notices she needs to pee or poop. I know we are still working on that part but she's skipped a huge step in the process and it's becoming a problem. The daycare teacher cannot watch her as much as I can when I have her at home so they noticed it more then I did.

When she realizes she needs to pee or poop she will take off running to the bathroom and wait for someone to come in to help her take down her pants/diaper/undies. So by the time someone notices she missing or where she's crying from an accident has already happened. This missed step has pushed back our potty training to step one.....prompting her to go which most of the time she doesn't do anything because she doesn't need to go at that time. So I was wondering.......

Has anyone else had a little one skip a step in potty training? If so how did you teach them to use that step?

right now she's still in her night gown and a pair of undies.....I'm about to switch her to pull ups because we need to go grocery shopping and it's almost lunch/nap time. Sigh....it's been a full month of potty training and no sign of her being trained fully in the future. Yes she's ready to be trained and no I'm not pushing her.....just in case you were thinking that or going to ask that. She's been ready since Novemeber after thanksgiving to be trained but I was putting it off until christmas vacation. The daycare were the ones who offered to help me potty train her because she was showing all the signs and her pull ups are not holding....they are starting to leak now.



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That sounds frustrating! How old is your daughter? I think it's important to keep in mind that you've only been working on this for a few weeks. It can take months and months for kids to really get the hang of the whole process. Just having her understand that she's supposed to run to the bathroom when she feels those feelings is FANTASTIC! =) It may just take more time for the rest to fall into place. A friend of mine has been training her 2 year old since her birthday 5 months ago. She does really well most of the time but still has accidents and still gets confused or distracted now and then and forgets to say she needs to go. We are just now starting to consider potty training our son (18 months). He doesn't speak yet so we are planning on really having to pay close attention to the physical cues. If your daughter is old enough to understand I would just keep prompting her to tell you. When you find her in the bathroom "oh I didn't know you had to potty, next time say "momma pee pee now!" or whatever you want her to say. Of course the easiest way (for her) to learn is to catch the signs. If you see any fidgeting or whatever her particular signals are "honey do you need to go potty? say "potty momma" so I can come help you," try to have her repeat it then "yay!! lets go potty! thanks for telling me!" I know you said you're having an easier time at home so you're probably already doing a lot of that. Short of assigning a helper at daycare to watch her more closely I'm not sure what they could do. hmmmmm Does she respond to awards like stickers, privilages or candy? I know that's worked really well for another friends daughter. They have a velcro star chart in the bathroom and she gets a star each time she goes in the toilet. Maybe your kiddo could get a star every time she remembers to tell you she needs to go. Good luck and just remember to be patient. *hugs*

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