Has anyone successfully cut down to one breast feed at night and still kept their milk?


Tyrae - posted on 01/03/2012




It sure is! I did it for a month and a half with my daughter just letting her have her nurse right before bed. Even after she weaned herself I still had milk a good month afterwards if I hand expressed it. As long as there is some sort of demand for it, it will keep coming. It also makes the final weaning very easy because you don't get engorged or anything. I had heard so many horror stories of weaning and none of it happened to me because I had such a gradual weaning process!


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When I was weaning my twins I got down to only the bedtime nursing at 14 months. We didn't stop totally until 15 months and it had nothing to do w/ 'running out' of milk.

Sometimes if you start to cut down it will all go away, but most of the time... as long as you are nursing once you will keep making milk for that nursing time.

Bonnie - posted on 01/04/2012




It is. It will just minimize your supply after a bit, but it will still be there.

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Well, I've night-weaned my 28 months old a few months back and there is still enough milk for her to squirt me in the face with when she feels mischievous...

Mia - posted on 01/03/2012




definitely! how old is bub?? my baby started sleeping through on/off from 10weeks & is 5 1/2 months & has been sleeping through this last month, it took a few days for my milk to adjust & I had to express a bit when i first got up but i nurse as normal during the day.

Helen - posted on 01/03/2012




Hi there, thanks for the advice. My bub is 14 months old, so it is not about getting him to sleep through. I wanted to replace his other feeds with cows milk and just give him one feed from me each day, just wondering if one feed is enough to keep the milk supply going?

Amanda - posted on 01/03/2012




My kids are long past breast feeding but they were sleeping 12hrs a night from 5 and 6 weeks old. I still managed to successfully breast feed my son until he was 10 months old and I was back to work full time and pregnant with my daughter.

Ashley - posted on 01/02/2012




I still have my milk and my baby has been sleeping through the night for a month, as long as you feed during the day you should be ok.

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