Has anyone tried Sea bands, Psi bands or Bio bands for morning sickness/nausea?

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Has anyone tried any of these or other acupressure remedies for nausea? I need something that works ASAP!!

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Bernice - posted on 11/15/2016




I was in the same boat and was prescribed with Reglan but it worked very little. Then a friend told me about an herbal tea called No to morning sickness tea that ended up my nausea completely.

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I wore a sea sickness band for 4 months straight and I LOVED it! It was wonderful, but be warned that if you get motion sickness really easily (which I do) it will not protect you from both at the same time! My hubby and I flew to Hawaii when I was 3 months along and I was horribly motion sick the whole way there and back! That's really the only time it didn't work though.

Good luck and congrats! :)

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