has anyone tried your baby can read?

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ive heard of two early educational sets one is monki see and the other is your baby can read, there really isnt much of a difference besides one is less expensive. Has anyone tried this? is it worth the money or it is just a con? Does your child actually like it?


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Rebecca, I'm a teacher. I do not recommend the program, for all the reasons I've stated before. And one of your arguments proves my point. They learn to speak on their own...not really on their own, but because they are spoken to. Same with reading. There is nothing wrong with teaching your child while they are young. But do so in a way that includes all the necessary elements of reading. You addressed phonics and I disagree with what you said about it, but you did not address comprehension. What good is being able to read when you can't understand what you just read? The way to "teach" comprehension is to look at a book with your child and ask them to tell you about the pictures and predict what will happen in the story. Then read the story and have them tell you their favorite parts of the story and talk about the characters and the plot, etc. In my opinion, that is far more important than being able to read a list of random words.

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Actually, Rebecca, you are wrong about the fact that children learn to read faster in the years before age 4-5. Children have often not even developed the necessary neural connections that allow them to decode printed letters and then mentally combine them to make words. Some children naturally learn to read earlier than others, but research has shown that the age of 5 or 6 is considered an ideal time to teach them. Prior to this, they are not learning to read in a way that is helpful to later learning. In fact, if you ask many teaching professionals, they find that children using these types of programs need to be "unprogrammed" in order to teach them phonetically. Basically, you baby is NOT learning to read. Your baby is memorising. This will only take your baby so far.

I honestly don't understand the pressure to get you children to read at such a young age. The important thing is to engage them in books, read to them regularly, make it a fun activity WITH them. Get them excited about their books, but this doesn't mean they have to be able to actually read them.

I never had any programs like this for my kids, and they read just fine. My youngest is 5, and she just started school 2 months ago, and is already reading wuite well. My son is in high school and is advanced in his vocabulary, spelling and reading/comprehension.

I think people get these programs thinking they are giving their children a head start, and really, they aren't. It does not make children smarter. It does not give them any advantages down the road. They are not an education program, but an entertainment program. Consider why you are purchasing it. After all, think about it, we all learned without these programs. In fact, if you ask my husband, I am the most prolific reader he knows. He watches me chew through books and can't believe how fast I read and comprehend anything he puts in front of me.

I am in agreement with Kathy. Spend time in the local library. I know my local library has sessions for babies and toddlers during weekday mornings, and it is a wonderful way to not only introduce your children to books, but enjoy books and activities with other children and mothers. And best of all, it's free :)

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Thanks for the link, Rebecca, but I am still firmly of the opinion that your child will learn to read soon enough through your normal parenting and interacting and exposure to books. I used to be a kids' librarian and I've seen how toddlers love to go to the library with mum or dad.

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Rebecca, I DO know what neuroplasticity is so I didn't have to look it up.

You know what I think helps a baby to read? Having books in the home. Also newspapers, magazines etc. As well as reading to me, mum and dad read a lot themselves. As a child I could SEE people reading and I wanted to do it. I could read before I went to school. Most kids could then. We went to the library as a family - mum, dad and all the kids.

My kids could all read before they went to school - same reason: lots of books in the home. Library. Talking.

You don't need to buy special products - the ingredients are all there!

Don't waste your money, take them to the library!

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It works by memorization. There are other elements of learning to read that the program leaves out. I wouldn't use it. Comprehension and phonics are equally important as word recognition. Why would you want your baby to learn to read in such a way that leaves out more than half of the essential elements to reading?

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We did try the Your Baby Can Read videos, but I found that my baby enjoyed MonkiSee, another reading program, better. If you do own the Your Baby Can Read kit and want to try out MonkiSee too, the two programs work nicely together. I have mixed the flash cards from both programs, and now have a nice collection of words to show to my baby.

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Rather than repeating what others have said I will just say that I agree with Kathy and Sara... there are many more effective (and cheaper) ways of your baby learning to talk and read than through a dvd/flashcard program. Kathy gave some excellent suggestions.
To Rebecca: actually children are taught to speak. They learn to talk because people talk to them. They hear language in caring and meaningful contexts and understand that it is important. They cant just figure it out without exposure and role models. You are right that children learn most in the first five years of life but there are far more important things that they should be learning at 1-2 years rather than reading. Don't get me wrong babies and young children should be read to regularly and exposed to books and print so they can learn all the necessary pre reading and writing skills so that when they start school they can effectively learn to read.
Sorry Catherine for getting on my high horse...it is a subject I am very passionate about (LOL). It sounds like you are a great mum who is wanting to do the best for her litttle one, but you can do that by interacting with her, cuddling, playing, talking and reading to her much better than a dvd can.

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children learn language and reading faster and easier in the first 4-5 years of their lives. They want to learn and they need to learn.

They stop wanting to learn when it becomes boring and not fun any more. Babies learn more in their first 4-5 years of their lives than they will in their remaining years. (They have more neuroplasticity, Look it up)

Why NOT give them a head start?

A lot of 8 year olds can't read. and the ones that can read, read at a very low level.

If my son can learn to read before he starts school he will have a very big head start that he will have for the rest of his life. My parents read to me every night but I didn't learn anything that way. When I was in grade 4, I couldn't read properly. I needed special help catching up to the other children. I still can't read as well as my Husband can. Language and reading should be learnt from the very start. Babies just need to be exposed to the written word as much as they are exposed to the spoken word.

I'm happy I can give my son such a wonderful gift.


The program doesn't need to teach Phonics and Comprehension at this age. The babies learn so fast that they learn the sounds of letters and the pattern of the written language all by them selves. I've seen it happen!

And I think that if they don't figure it out for themselves that it's not going to be very difficult to teach it to them when they are in school. no one teaches them how to speak do they? they figure that out on their own!

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IMO these products are a waste of money. Babies/children learn things anyway, so why put extra pressure on them, and on yourself (because you have to have the time and energy) to do extra stuff?
Read to your babies, interact with them, play with them - as mums, you're probably doing all this anyway, so waste your money? My granddaughter was saying words like flamingo and crocodile and recognising triangles and circles by the time she was 14 months old, because her father played with her. They'll learn anyway.

And what is this desire to push and push so babies achieve milestones earlier and earlier?

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My son started using your baby can read. I don't do the flash cards very often but he watches the video 2 times a day. It took a while to get him into it. I had to take all T.v. off him because he was more interested in his other show. I sit and say the words to him and do the actions to encourage him. Now he likes it and he can watch his other show every now and then. He is 13 months old. He's been using it for 2 weeks now and he knows MOUTH and GORILLA and has learnt to say TIGER and DOG and he has finally learnt to WAVE.

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I read to Penny so much that when she went to pre-school with Mrs Apple & Mrs Lee she had Fried Green Eggs & Ham memorized, they would let her read to the other kids.

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My son has been using your baby can read for almost a month and he nows the words hi and eyes already. It works.

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i have it although it is hard to be constitant with it sometimes. you have to play the dvd 2 times a day and do the flash cards serveral times a day! my daughter is 10 and 1/2 months and a few days ago she was watching the word "wave" came on the screen and she started waving before they said the word. you if you are constitant with it it will work great...hope this helped...good luck!

o and my daughter got it for christmas and we didn't start using it till the middle of janurary so she has been using it for about 2 months and it is working!

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My husbands aunt runs a daycare out of her house and she uses it with her daycare children and they love it and are reading. She gave me a copy but my children don't really seem to care for it much.. but my boys aren't really into tv all that much.. but I have seen his aunts daycare kids and they love it. Your baby can read will work just gotta be consistantwith it... hope I was of sum help

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