Has anyone used magnet pictures to teach their child requesting?

S - posted on 06/06/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Our therapist took pictures of some of M's favorite things and made magnets out of them. We're trying to teach her to not just pull us by our finger into a general area and expect us to read her mind. Instead, she needs to hand us a magnet to specifically ask for something. We started it yesterday, and she just can't grasp the concept. Today especially she just had a major meltdown and refused to give me the banana magnet to get her banana. When I finally abandoned the magnets to just get her to sign "want," (which she can do) she had already completely shut down and wouldn't communicate at all. I ended up giving her the banana after an hour of unsuccessful attempts. I hate that I crumbled, but I didn't know what else to do.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get their child to request something by name? She knows how to sign want and please, but we want to put a noun in there so we're not constantly guessing at the dinner table what she wants or being pulled to a room and trying to figure out what she wants in there.

(Background info: M is 2 years and we just received the diagnosis 2 days ago, though we've suspected for over a year it was autism.)

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