Has my absence made my toddler anxious?

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I started work in March this year after being a stay-at-home mom since my daughter was born. Unfortunately, I had to move to another city and had only been able to visit my husband and daughter four times in that whole time. Recently, my daughter came on a one-month visit with me and my family. While I work she's at home. I always let her know that I am going to work and will be coming back. Thing is, my 31 month old is displaying a weird type of separation anxiety. Whenever I am gone, she is fine and behaves very maturely. Once I am though, she begins to whine, throw tantrums and is overly clingy. When I am not around, she allows others do things for her, even does things for herself but will stubbornly insist that I must do everything if I am around. She doesn't do this with her Dad and I swear I don't pander to it. I am worried that my absence has affected her negatively. Am I making a big deal about nothing? Anyone gone through this? Any advice on what to do? I personally think it's better for her to be with me than with her Dad...


Dove - posted on 08/23/2012




Her behavior is perfectly normal given the circumstances. Separation can be extremely difficult for a child this age. Whenever you are with her she is probably scared that you're just going to be gone again.

My only advice would be to have a job situation where you can still see and be with your child for at least part of every day.

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