Has my ADHD son have aspergers? I think so!

Kim - posted on 06/30/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi, my name is Kim. I have a 9 year old daughter and a son of 14. My son was born with temperal lobe epilepsy, spina bifida occulta and asthma and he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 3. Over the last 2 years new tendencies have been creeping in and they are very concerning to me. I am convinced my son has mild aspergers and possibly bipola. I am so concerned that if I don't get the help I need now, he will be grown up and out of the house before I can prepare him for the world out there. He has all the usual ADHD signs and tendencies, but lately he has become increasingly aggresive and aggitated. He is bigger than me now and is as strong as an ox! His social skills leave much to be desired and he struggles to keep friends. He hates new and unexpected situations.He hates loud noises and certain smells, crowds of people and strngers talking to him. He seldom makes eye contact and will only talk to those he knows. He has no respect for personal space or boundries and is often 'in your face!' He doesn't seem to have compassion for those around him. He seems to thinks only of himself and seldom even realises the negative impact he has made on those around him by the things he says and does. He doesn't understand why the things he says or does can upset others and gets anoid with us. He can be perfectly fine one minute and then the smallest thing will set him off into a frenzy! He can be as happy as a clam one minute and then start to cry and talk about not wanting to be alive the next! 2 months ago he got that angry that he attacked me (something he hadn't done since he was about 5 years old!) I couldn't do anything to protect myself because of his size and ended up with some bruising to my arms and chest. His sister witnessed the attack and is very traumatised by the whole thing. A week later he punched a child that was teasing him in the face and broke his own hand in the process! Thank goodness the other child was fine! (He is always a target for bullies and gets teased constantly, but has started reactive violently!) His specialist upped his medication and although he hasn't attacked any one else he is still very aggitated and moody. He treats his sister so badly! He often tells her that he doesn't love her and she makes his life hell! (She is the most loving, caring, sensitive and tolerant child I know!) She goes to bed crying most nights because of something he had done or said. Often he will feel bad after he has done something very exteme and he cries about it and continuously asks for forgiveness even though the incedent took place ages ago! My husband works away during the week and my family all live in another country, so I feel like I am alone in this. The doctors seem to think it is no big deal because of the time it takes to get a response from them even in a crisis..I feel like I am hitting my head against a brick wall!!!

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