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Elarnda - posted on 07/21/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My mother in law and 2 sister un laws hate me for last 6 years and than some. My husband and I have 2 daughters together. Both of my parents are deceased, my daughters only have my husband's mother. They are always hiding behind devices to express their hate for my indifference. I am done with them they have never spent anytime with our kids who are 3 and 4 years olds. I blocked them on Facebook because my husband didnt like how they was attacking me over anything..that I posted to him in humor. Just to get a rise out of me, but they didn't. They claim to be religious, yet I am not. They attack me none stop when I tried to go to their church. My husband's sister tried to get certain women to interfere with our marriage. I never said anything to them. I allowed my husband to speak to them. Yes..they have tried to physically threaten me. I have no problem with defending myself by any means. They act like they have fear of me or jealousy. I think its absurd. I told my husband mother that I was a new mother when our first baby was born. I asked her for help..and guidance. She told me, "I can't help you with that. It has been years since I dealt with a baby." That a bold face lie. She was babysitting her great grandbabies and other son daugther and son. I was crying because she didn't love my children from birth, because of her secret hate of me. These are her granddaughters. I told her, "I know you are not my mother and you don't see me as a daughter. Yet, you are my babies only living grandparent, that should mean something to you". She said, "I don't have time..I am busy". I never asked her again. My Mom died when I was 13...my siblings and I was rasied by our Father. Who remained single throughtout it all. He had help from his mother and my Mother's Mom, our Grandma. I lived between the two of them. I was the only teenager in the home. My Father wasn't good with feminine products or situations. He did his best..will always love him for that. I know this is breaking my husband's heart in silence. He doesn't speak to them when they call. I ask him when the last time he spoke to his mother. He don't like that I care about their relationship. I know how to be without a mother for almost 30 years. I am 41, my Mother died in 1988 and my Father 2004. 12 years come this year's November 6 is how long my Father has been gone. November 1, will make 28 years since my Mother has been deceased. I remember little because I only had 13 years with her. My younger siblings don't remember our Mother at all. My youngest sister was 9 years old and my younger brother was only 3 years old. My daughter don't know their Grandma, Aunts, Unlces because of their dislike of me. There is nothing that I can do about it. I treat everyone like family until they give me reason not to. I am a honest person. Most people don't like the fact of the matters I know and can't decieve me for selfish gain. I am not religious..I don't have anything against those who does. Your beliefs is your personal business it's a billion and one other topics to engage in. I am so done with whoever that is against My husband, my children or even me. Have Mother's experience this type bahavior from In-Laws, and what is perceptive of it? Thank you for sharing❤


Kit - posted on 07/26/2016




Dear Elarnda, how trying for you to have to persuade your MIL to be a loving grandmother to her own granddaughters. You are obviously a wonderful, caring Mom who simply wants the joy of grandparents in the lives of her kids. I’m also so sorry to hear about the treatment you have received from your in-laws, but happy to hear that your husband seems to understand the truth of what’s happening…that’s not always the case!

We can’t control the actions and attitudes of others, only our own. I would hope that your in-laws attitudes may change as they see your own unworried, kind attitude, but that might not realistically happen. Keep healthy boundaries, and just try for yourself not to be bitter, as this mostly hurts you. Look for other older, positive people to interact with, who might be 'surrogate grandparents' for your girls. I wish you all the best in the world - you deserve it! xoxo Kit

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