Have a 5 month old grandbaby with a bad case of diaper rash. The skin is red, bumpy, and looks almost raw at times. She never cries about it or seems uncomfortable. We have tried all brands of diapers, even ordering special ones online. The rash continues. Any advice on what to use to clear it up or on what the cause might be?


Lola - posted on 11/14/2012




Buy any good bread or nappys and apply some nappy rash cream one thing you don't want to do is buy the cheap one although it's a good $5 more for decent stuff it's worth it!! Put it on about 2-3 times a day I usually did first thing in the morning a small application of it in the afternoon and once right before bedtime.

Also if it is not where you are putting a little bit of baby powder there when the rash is all cleared up should help it to not come back.

Wish you all the best and hope that this helps even just a little and that rash clears up fast :)

Good luck,have a lovely day :)


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