Have a child who is narcissistic and has been committing character assassination with friends and family and do not know what I can do


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Kristen - posted on 12/04/2014




Hi. I have a 27 year old son who is a narcissist. Just recently while at his house with my granddaughter, I was laying on the couch watching sponge bob with my little granddaughter when my son walks in the room and says to me " You look like a mental patient laying there in a fetal position. I just acted like I didn't even hear him. If I had reacted, it would have only added fuel to his fire. He actually gets off by putting me down especially in front of my granddaughter. I have learned to let it go, but I have to admit it does still bother me. To think that your own grown adult son would talk that way to their mother is incomprehensible. But that is the sad truth and that is the way it is with him. I didn't raise him to be like this. It's almost like he is a stranger to me anymore.

Angela - posted on 09/26/2014




More details needed - you're not telling us very much!

* How old is the child?
* What has he/she said or done?
* When did the problems start?
* Who has complained?
* Is this something which can be classed as slander or libel? Or just general unpleasantness?

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