Have a child with behvioral difficulties but opposed to psych drugs?

Dee - posted on 01/18/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, I'm wondering if there are any parents of young children with behavioral issues who have experience with psychiatrists, therapists or other clinicians who want to put them on antipsychotics or other meds. Any success treating your kids without meds?


Raye - posted on 01/18/2016




Giving immediate feedback is just one of many simple and effective approaches to improving children's attention and behavior. Using both positive reinforcement when they do things as asked, and being prompt and consistent with consequences when rules are broken help kids focus and control their impulses. Bad foods and sugars also affect mood, so be sure to give healthy meals and snacks. More exercise and longer sleep may are also good for improving focus and mood.

A child who ignores directions when asked to put away his toys and come to dinner, for example, may be trying to communicate that he wants to keep playing. Parents can learn to redirect such behavior by teaching the child to communicate his desires verbally, warning him about impending consequences, then following through with the consequences if he fails to follow directions.

It may also help to get involved with their teachers, and ask them to begin providing more instant feedback, especially for positive behavior. If the child is behaving badly, see if the teacher can praise a child that is doing what they should and see if your problem child straightens up. If so, the teacher should then thank them for correcting their behavior.

There's probably a million little tricks, and not every trick will work for every kid. You may have to get creative to find things that work. Just don't switch too quickly between strategies. Give it time to see if it works. Many times kids will initially push back harder against the methods that are going to be the most effective, so keep eyes open to signs that what you're trying is having an effect, even if it's not the effect you expected or hoped for. Even when something doesn't work, it can be a clue to determine what will.

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