Have any mothers experienced this?

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Hi, I am a new mom and I have never personally heard of this happening to any other baby but when my son had his 4 month needle he had an adverse reaction to the whooping cough strain and went into shock and needed oxygen his doctor (it happened in the office 2 min's after the injections) sent us to the hospital to have tests done and everything came back A okay. I was told that this has happened in other cases but is extremely rare..my question is to any other mothers whom this has happened to their child does your child or did your child have any issues arise months or years after?
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THERE IS NO MERCURY IN CHILDHOOD VACCINES!!! Please stop reading myths. It was removed from all childhood vaccines (with the exception of flu vaccine) back in 2000. Please, if you are going to choose not to vaccinate your children (which I personally only agree with if there is a medical reason for not doing so), at least do it based on facts not propoganda.

And just for the record, 2 in 100 infants or children who contract whooping cough DIE. Not this many die from the vaccine. So whatever statistics you are reading are doctored to be biased in order to suggest that more children die of the vaccine.

In response to the OP, reactions such as this are, in fact, quite rare, and I could totally understand if you chose not to complete the course of vaccinations for whooping cough. This is why the rest of the population need to vaccinate. To protect those who are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons.


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To add to Jodi's post, talk with your doctor about the rest of the vaccinations, and what the likely hood would be of another reaction. If it is slim to non, and you choose to continue to vaccinate, talk about continuing when maybe your child is older and can handle them better? Also, spreading them out. Not getting more than one vaccine at a time, this way if there is a reaction, you know to exactly which vaccine, and what to avoid.

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Personally we don't vaccinate. There are a lot of hidden nasties in vaccines - like formaldehyde, and mercury. My neighbour vaccinated her last child and within twenty four hours of the vaccine, she stopped breathing. Thank God my friend noticed - babe was sleeping in the pram at the time. The drs said it was reflux, but the child didn't have reflux! My friend knew it was the vaccine, and hasn't vaccinated since.
I think if you research the whooping cough vaccine, there are more deaths caused by the vaccine than by the disease itself - but it is a while since I looked at the research, so I could be wrong.

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