Have any mums had a home birth or anything similar???

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Would really enjoy to know of the experiences.

I hope to have a home birth if my pregnancy as well as my babys health is all fine. Would love to hear from ladies that have had a home birth.


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Karien - posted on 11/09/2012




Hi Rebecca! I gave birth to my baby girl at home in February this year. After tons of reading up, we just felt like that that was the way in which we wanted to start our life together as a family. We requested that our doctor also be present at the birth (along with our midwife), just in case there were some serious complications. In the end, that decision did cost us a little more, but it gave me some extra peace of mind and I'm extremely thankful that we did go that route. There were some complications with the birth (I didn't have a high risk pregnancy or multiples) and, after labouring in the water for quite a while, I had to get out of the water and have an assisted birth with an episiotomy and forceps.

Would I recommend a home birth? For me personally the freedom of an active labour (walking around outside in the sunshine, etc.) was wonderful. I agree with Ariana that contractions are just so much easier to handle when you're moving around. But, again for me personally, if I was to go down that road again, I would definitely have my doctor on stand-by again - it just gives you that extra peace of mind and, in my case, proved to be vital.

Good luck with your decision!

Ariana - posted on 11/07/2012




I had a home birth. I'm not sure what exactly you're looking to know but my midwives brought a ton of stuff with them (more than I realized they would) which I found funny. I guess they have to bring things with them just in case.

I called them and told them I was having contractions and they came over, they didn't really think the baby was coming very soon (since apparently I was super calm on the phone) but by the time they got there I was already 8cm dialated lol to their surprise.

Anyway I found an at home birth was good. I don't really like hospitals so it's the best choice for me. I also found I really didn't like being on my back as it made the contractions feel way worse so I tended to rock on my hands and knees until it was time to push. The midwives were really nice and I had one of them putting pressure on my lower back which made it feel better.

On that note I had my son pretty fast, in like 5 hours, with no complications. Well I had to get stitches but that was alright.

Midwives are pretty prepared and if there seems to be any complications will usually make sure you get to a hospital, they're always very careful. Unless you're having twins or a complicated pregnancy you can definitely have one from home.

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