Have mediation agreement but I'm worried and wasting my time.

Ashley - posted on 12/05/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




So i went through the court system, he is paying child support. And we went to mediation for our access time, he lives in a different city so only see's his son every once and awhile.

For our mediation agreement i have sole custody. And in the agreement since hes been out of the childs life since he was almost 2, which is 4 years now were starting off slow.

He's supposed to phone 3 times a week which he doesn't, and i send him emails so he knows whats going on in his sons life. But it still seems like he doenst care and I'm wasting my time. Should i continue writing, or let him toughen up and do it himself. I have enough stress all ready.

Me and the boys father arent friends, and we do not get along, and i know he is not best for Ian, but the court system thinks he is.

I recenetly found out that he is going to court for Domestic violence against his other ex girl whom he has another kid with. She has a no access order for her and her child. Will this help me with my case? (we are going through supervised visit in my city, and i dont want my son going to his house cause i dont trust him) also, if he serves jail time?

To be honest, i was happy with out this stress in my life, and if i could make it easier for me with his stupid mistakes, i would be happy.

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