have yo ever had a son in prison and was afraid of him and wondered what he would be like when he got ou and wanted to live with u and he has been locked up for 10 yearst


Barb - posted on 11/14/2011




No, i've never been afraid of any of my children. Afraid for them, but not from them. My father, however, is in prison and he doesn't get to pick where he goes when he gets out. The place he goes has to accept him.

I'm assuming your son is an adult. If you are afraid of him, you shouldn't let him come and live with you. It's your home, it's your decision.

Have you received any counseling to help you handle this? That might not be a bad idea.. another adult who fully knows what's going on, can be objective, and give you tips for how to handle this.

Also, if he went for a violent offense and you have small children in the house, it is your job to protect them.

Have you gone to the prison to visit with him? Does he seemed to have changed? does he seem like he wants a new life as a productive member of society? Or does he seem like he can't wait to get back to whatever got him in prison in the first place?

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