Have you ever done something so ridicules just so your baby won't wake up?

Angela - posted on 07/12/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm a breast feeding mom of a 8 month old baby and just the other day I was feeding my baby girl and she fell asleep after 20 minutes of trying to put her to bed.So I was picking her up to put her in her crib and right as I put her down she woke up and began to cry ,so I pull up my shirt took out my breast and jumped over the side of the railing poped my nipple in her mouth,legs up in the air and in a very uncomfortable position as I'm holding my body up not to fall on her.And as all this is going on I'm hoping no one walk in and see how ridicules but funny this is and right as I think it,my aunt walks in and said..."what the fuck are you doing hahahahs"! And to this day she makes sure to let everyone know what she saw that lovely afternoon.
Do any of you moms have any funny storys you can share?


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Gena - posted on 07/13/2013




Lol so funny! I was once cleaning the floor with a bucket of water,my son was tierd so i put him to bed,stayed there a while in the dark room and started to sneak out like a robber on tipy toes and then..bang i walked into the bucket of water,slipped,all water on the floor infront of my sons room and he woke up. I was on the ground covered in water and burst out laughing.

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