Have you had a Crazy Delivery??

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Mine was, kinda.

So i went to the hospital Aug 11th at around 11pm and The doctor checkd me and I was 4 cm. My contractions were 5 mins apart and they were getting stronger by the minute. So after 2 hrs. of no change the doctor sent me home... WHAT??? yea sent me home. She gave me a shot for the pain, said to come back if like my water breaks or my contractions get harder/stronger. So I left at around 4am I was laying down in my bed hurting bad. I called for my mom who was in the living room she couldnt believe how loud I was... But she told me to calm down that we have only been home for a half an hour and i should try to get some rest. She said I will take you back at 7am. I was in so much pain that i couldnt sleep. So then bout 6 min. later I felt s if i had to push, My mom said to me earlier that i might have to use the bathroom,, your body just clearing itself out... So I stood up and went to the bathroom. And I had TO PUSH ( i knew what it felt like I have a 3 yr old.) so I screamed to my mom that i had to push and she was cryin for me to stop that I would hurt the baby( MY WATER HAD NOT BROKEN YET) so she pulled up my pants and luckily the hospital wa 5 min away. and at 5am there was no one on the road. I got into the car,Which was like hell... I went in side ways. So we went to ER door... I felt like i had to push again... I was breathing hard, to keep my from pushing. I was scared. So They sent me around to the other side of the hospital- labor and delivery. and some security guard came and wheeled me to the second floor. While on the elevator I was tryin to stop from pushing again. I seen the doctor in the enterance. She was talking to me asking me did my water break?? I said no but I feel the babys head. She said ok, Lets check you. I said NO NEED FOR THAT I FEEL THE BABYS HEAD. She wasnt listening to me!!. And told me to lay on the bed, I got on the bed with no damn help from them. UGHHH. so i layed down and told her I had to push, She told me to give her a minute while she checks me... What...??? So I pushed MY WATER BROKE AND HIS HEAD WAS CROWNED. The very smart doctor( huh!!) Yelled for help, " WERE HAVING A BABY IN HERE,,,, WE NEED A DOCTOR" but 7 ppl rushed in, by that time my mom was by my side. The doctor came in while putting on her gloves i told her I had to push again.... she said go head... And OUT COMES MY BABY 1 PUSH later.... I really dont think she thought it was going to be that easy...lol

I had my baby at 5:16am on AUG 12....I WAS IN LOVE ONCE AGAIN.

Whats your story??

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Katherine - posted on 08/08/2010




My little boy Raven was born after a loooong labor. On September 14, I went to my final doctor's appointment. My doctor said that since the baby was getting so big, that he wanted me to check in at the hospital the next morning. We were shocked! So the next morning when my doctor's personal clinic opened I called to see when he wanted us there; it turned out he wanted us there first thing in the morning, and to come on down. Luckily we had had several scares before then so we were packed well in advance. When we got to the hospital all the rooms were full so they took me to a PACU room on the maternity floor and waited for my doctor to come. All...day...long... I labored on my back and wasn't able to eat. We went to the hospital around 10 in the morning and it wasn't until about 3pm that my doctor ordered an ultrasound to check positioning and size of the baby because the nurse was having a hard time feeling it through my belly. The ultrasound revealed that the baby had not yet dropped, and was continuing to turn in circles under my contracting uterus. This worried my doctor, since I was at 38 weeks and the ultrasound measured the baby within 26 ounces of 9 lb 5 oz. I was blown away at how big he had gotten in a matter of 2 weeks! After that I was admitted and transferred to a labor/delivery room and my doctor showed up four hours later. When he checked me I was 3 cm dilated, which surprised me because the baby wasn't even head-down. To encourage him to turn and drop, my doctor decided to break my water and see what happened. After that, my contractions tripled in intensity but still my little fighter wouldn't decend into my pelvis. My doctor had known since I first saw him when I transferred doctors at 29 weeks that my pelvis was likely too small to fit a full-sized baby but he wanted to see how things played out. My parents showed up about an hour later, and I was contracting like a bucking bronco and it seemed that there was no break between contractions. It was encouraging when my wonderful nurse told me I was dilating at a regular rate and it was the perfect time to get an epidural if I wanted one. Did I ever! (As a personal side note, I am a firm believer that childbirth is difficult enough that you don't have to go through all the pain if you have the resources not to. Plus I'm a bit of a wimp, so I jumped at the chance to get it.) After the epidural took, I was able to sleep on and off, and my nurse turned me every hour. She even had me up on the sqatting bar to help the baby drop down. However, all our best efforts didn't work. My labor stalled at 6 1/2 cm. I still didn't dilate after 3 hours on Pitocin. When my doctor came and checked me at about 4:30 in the morning on September 16th, he told me that my stalled labor combined with the baby's size and lack of descent added up to my need for a c-section for our own safety. He told us he would do it at about 6:30. That left just enough time for me to get in a catnap and my family to soak it all in. I didn't personally care; I just wanted him out and healthy. At 6:00 I was prepped for surgery and taken to the OR. My doctor had a bit of difficulty cutting me open because my uterus was still contracting when he started. At 6:51 my beautiful baby boy let out his first strong cry. "What a chunky chicken!" were the first words my doctor said. I didn't get to find out how much he weighed until much later, after I came back from recovery. When they whisked my little boy away to the NICU for observation, my boyfriend/fiance on his heels, my doctor started stitching me up and I fell asleep. I didn't fully wake up until I was in recovery and my nurses were pressing down on my uterus to make the lochia come out, which hurt really bad because they were pressing right above my incision. I went numb when they put a brace around my waist at the incision and I slept on and off for the next three hours until they finally took me back up to the maternity floor. As I was wheeled into my room, my excited family told me that my newborn baby boy weighed a whopping 9 lb 12 oz!!! I was amazed! It was no wonder I got so big. Once I got to hold him and talk to my family a bit, I passed out and was awakened about an hour later to make my first attempts at breastfeeding. The next two days were a morphine-induced blur, and I finally got to go home after a well-deserved hot shower and hearty breakfast.

Staci - posted on 12/15/2009




We were at a professional baseball game. While walking to our seats I started having contractions. They were just uncomfortable not real painful. Once we got to our seats I kept getting up to use the restroom hoping that the pain I was starting to feel would be relieved after emptying my bladder. By the beginning of the 5th inning I turned to my husband & said that we should probably leave after this inning. He asked if I was having contractions & I said yes, every 5 minutes now. He jumped out of his seat & said we need to leave now. We had our 3 1/2 yr old daughter w/ us & our 13 yr old niece & nephew. My husband & niece ran ahead to get the car. We were pulled over for speeding but the guy didn't give us a ticket or police escort. Got to the hospital & the lady checking me in said, "And why are you coming to see us this evening?". I was right in the middle of a contraction & my husband was parking the car so it took me a while to answer the idiot. When they checked me, I was dilated to 6cm but my water hadn't broken. Three hours later we had our gorgeous baby boy.

Brandee - posted on 12/15/2009




My plug came out Saturday night.. Got up around 9am Sunday morning (July 13, 2008) and decided it might be a good idea to stay home rather than go to my in-laws.. Went ahead and did some laundry and took my shower.. I called my mom to bring me some pads because I was leaking stuff.. My husband went to the store to get dog food about 10:30am.. I called him about 11am and said I was having some cramps and he needed to run his errands and come right home.. I waited things out at home until about 1:30pm because my contractions were not regular at all and my belly didn't feel hard as a rock, so I thought they were braxton hicks.. Decided to go get some pain medicine at the hospital.. Checked in at 2pm I was 2cm, 80%, and my water had broken (I guess in the shower).. At 4pm I was 4cm and got my epidural.. at 5pm I was 5cm (right on track for a 10pm delivery).. At 5:30 I felt pressure in my bottom and was complete!! By the time the doctor got there and they got the bed broken down, I pushed through 3 contractions, had an episodiomy and by 6:15pm Brandon was here.. 6lbs. 10oz.. 20 1/4 inches.. Very short labor for a first baby.. My doctor called at 8pm to see how my labor was going and they told him I delivered 2 hours earlier.. Hope we make it to the hospital for the next one.

Toni - posted on 12/14/2009




Awe I love baby stories. Mine wasn't as scary as some of the above but was kinda funny now thinking back. I actually got pregnant on my son's father's bithday last year (irony huh, his birthday and he gave me the suprise gift). I was due Autust 8th but delivered a July 18th but the week prior was spotting for no known reason but was assumed to be because my son was breech and thought to be kicking my cervix!? I don't know. Well on the 17th I was scheduled to get an ultrasound to see what was going on and if my son was able to be turned. When the ultrasound was taken my son had his fist over his face like a boxer and looked like he was shaking his fist at us, lol. I didn't seem to be dialated and had no signs of labor but my body was saying this baby wants to come out soon. Needless to say 3:30am I was waken up with the urge to go to the bathroom and once I got into there my water broke. Me being a first time mom starting taking a shower thinking I just must have had to really go and just wet myself. Once in the shower the contractions came 5 min apart. By the time I got to the hospital I was fully dialated and was knocked to the top of the list for an emergency C-section. The whole process was maybe 2 hours.

Courtney - posted on 12/14/2009




I began having contractions on Wed. 12/3/09, but they were minor, far apart and random, so I continued working that day and thought maybe it was false labor. That night being 9 months pregnant I did not sleep well, but I got up the next day and worked. So this was Thursday and now the contractions were getting hard and going from a 1/2 hout to 2 hours apart. I was working and had heard how long the 1st one can take so I would just breathe and rest while contracting. That night at 2am I awoke with a very hard contraction and called work to tell them I would not be in. My husband started timing the contractions and I rested, walked, and relaxed in the shower several times. This lasted all of Friday. My contractions never regulated so we continued timing, and resting and showering. Now I say I relaxed, but I would go 8 minutes and contract then 20 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 15, then 10, 25, 5, 10 and on and on it went I had slept maybe a total of 1 hour since 2 am Friday. I was exhausted and sick of the pain so at 9:30am on Sat. my husband suggested we head to the hospital. We checked in and they checked me and I was a wopping 1cm! I cried. I was so tired! The dr told me to go home and take a benedryl to get some rest so I would be able to push when the time came. So home we went where I took the dr's advice and got a whole 1/2 hour of sleep. I spent most of Sat in bed until at 8:30 pm my husband encouraged me (or made me for my own good) get out of bed and help put up Christmas decorations. This movement seemed to increase the contractions and cause them to be 8, then 6, then 5 minutes apart. At 9:30 pm I demanded my hubby take me back to the hospital (he was hessitant, because he did'nt want them to send us home again) Well at this point I needed it to be over! So we got to the hosp and the nurse checked me and said I was at 7cm! Too late for an epi, but I didn't care it was going to be over soon! Then another nurse came in to double check, and informed us that I was in fact still 1cm!!!!! I cried again, I was just so tired. The dr came in and told the dumb nurse to give me an IV and after it ran for an hour they would give me an epi and then after another hour would break my water. When the nurse still hadn't started the IV 45 minutes later I asked why we were waiting and she said she was waiting for the lady from the lab to come and draw blood so they wouldn't have to stick me twice! Yeah I was in labor for 4 days and she thought I would mind 2 needles. I told her to get going and she then dug for a vein in my arm for 2 minutes, but I didn't care I was thinking only of the epi! Which was amazing when I fianlly got it! I lightly slept for 30 minutes and the dr came in to check me... 6cm!!!! We were finally on our way! He broke my water at 12:30 and I slowly, but peacefully progressed! At 7:30am Sunday I told my family that I needed to push, since I was just checked and told I was 10cm but not fully efaced they encouraged me to hold off. At 7:45 am I told them I was pushing with or without a nurse. 45 minutes of pushing and my little diva was born. So after 4 days was it worth the wait? Of course! :)

Nakita - posted on 12/14/2009




Quoting Cara:

I had to have my labor induced(due to preclamsea) I went in on June 15th. and they started inducing it. Well i went into labor at 6AM on the 16th. I was having harder and harder contractions and i didn't to 8cm til it was 7pm. So i started pushing for 2 HOURS. They thought the babies head was just too big so i continued to try, Than they ordered me a emergency c-section and it turns out my baby body was looking up instead of down, and Her little nose kept hitting my pelvic bone(thank goodness it didn't do any damage) So i was had my baby girl at 10:45 Pm on June 16, 2009

i have a smiler story, My due date was on july 14th but i went into labour at 6am on july 8th. I get the the hospital at 8:00am and by 9:30-10:00 my contractions were like 2 mins, apart and hurt like hell, so i got an epi, and by 11:00 that night, they checked me and i was 9 and half cm , so they asked me to start pushing, i did for about  an hour, and they told me that i had to have a emergency c-section cause the baby was too big to come out on her own, and her heart rate was droping, so on july 9th at 2:15 in the morning my beautiful baby girl was born, 9 lbs 3 oz!! she also was looking up instead of down!!

Melissa - posted on 12/14/2009




I was expecting twin boys. I was not due till may 19th 2009.I had a stress test done April 3rd, was having bad contractions but never felt them. Had them for about a weel. I worked until April 10th, so that i would have a little vacation before i have them. My water broke at 11:05pm on April 11th, went thru 5 hours of labor, After 7cm i felt no pain nothing, No meds no nothing.I was not allowed to have anything, they told me after i had them if they would ahve given me anything they would have killed me, they could not do a c-section they would have killed me. With their father by my side the whole time, i finally had my son Shane at 4:15am @4 pounds 2 ounces Easter Sunday April12th 2009, then came Jayden at 4:25am @ 5 pounds 2 ounces. I was rushed to worcester hospital, a lager more acommedating hospital for me. I was given a blood trasnfusion 2 bags worth. Let me tell you that was the most amazing feeling after, i was like myself again! I was there for a few days for myself, then i stayed there longer for my 2 sons. When i went home i was only able to take Jayden home one week after he was born. Shane was having some body heating issues, so they say! So he was sent back to the hospital i gave birth in. The girls were very happy to see him, yes i did bring Jayden up to so they could see him as well. I was told that when Shane showed up to the hospital that his body temp was 101.2, they did not know why they put him in there, i was even more upset. It was hard for me and their father. He was able to come home one week after he got there. they had to lean him off the incubator. He was 2 weeks old when he was able to come home. My babies that almost killed me are my whole world, and wouldnt have changed it for the world. I was proud of myself for being able to do it, not knowing what to do, I have 8 neices and nephews but none of them were never premis like mine were and no one ever had twins.

Jodi - posted on 12/14/2009




My story isn't too crazy. My water broke 10 a.m. March 2rd, 2009. I went into the hospital and everything was pretty much uneventful for several hours. Around 4 I my contractions started hurting to the point that I was moaning. They checked me and I was only 3 centimeters dilated so the wait was on. Half an hour later I was breathing through my contractions and demanding an epidural. I got the epidural about 20 min. later and as he was taping the catheter to my back I had to push. 2 hours later out came my wonderful daughter. My sister on the other end went through 20 hours of uneventful labor including a pitocin drip and epidural. it was around 6 p.m. she got naseous and threw up. about 15 min later a nurse came in to flip her to her other side and check how far she was. Lo and behold, there was a baby in the bed between her legs! The water was still around his head and everything. Phoenix is now 2 months old and doing just fine! We call him the one push wonder!

Andrea - posted on 12/14/2009




Well with my son it all started with me wanting to go on hubby's motorcycle.. (he didn't want to take me) I got to the hospital at 10:30pm walked for an hour, broke my water at 1:30am, Had hard labor for 4 hours and 8 mins. (with out drugs) They told me to push and since it was my first child they thought they would be waiting around for me to get the hang of it ( i never took any classes wither) Well started to push at 6:00am and at 6:08am my son was out and doing great..

With my Daughter ( this is a very funny story) I went in on 3-29-09 and they had to do an ultrasound cuz she has gastorschisis.. Found that her fluid was at 2.5% to 3% (bad very bad) So they kept me over night the high risk team came in and asked if i was ready to have a baby i said hell ya.. ( was safer for her) So at around noon they started to induce me which was fine with me.. Long story short.. They broke my water at 4:00pm and they checked me i was 5 1/2cm told me it was going to be a coulple more hours i am like ok.. Well they checked me again at 5:30 and there was no change told me still at least 3 hours.. We my high risk doctor came in to tell me she was leaving at that my other high risk would be coming in.. I told her that i had to push and had to do it RIGHT NOW.. she is like well lets check. she tells me to give a little push.. ( i was in the room with just my hubby no nurse no one till High Risk came in) I gave that little push she yells at me to stop.. I am laughing at her as she is running around like a chicken missing it head, yell stat now get peds her ( this is all going on as they are rotating doctors.) So the now on call doctor comes in and is putting her stuff on ( while high risk dr. Is literley hold my daughters head in) I am sitting up like i would have beend sitting in a chair. they get all ready (felt like forever) She tell me to push i push and out came her head, highrisk dr was holing head and the other doctor was holding her Insides and body in her hands. I was yelling a peds to make sure my daughter was alive ( she let out the little peep u could barely hear it) they said yes and looks great..The doctors kept tell me to relax that i had just had a baby, I couldn't i just wanted to go with my daughter as they took to the NICU with out me really getting to see her.. Hardest day of my life.. I was joking with the doctor afterwards and I told her hell you almost missed the show.. She had been there the whole time while i was prego so she thought is was awsome to deliver me.. She look at me told me to get off the phone ( had called my Grandparents to let them know she was alive..) and just relax.. Over all my hubby said he was a little to up close this time around lol.. Both of kids came out sunny side up lol... Not easy to deliver that way Hurts like hell....

I did both labors and deliveries with out any drugs of any kind, my son was 6lbs 193/4in long and my daughter was a BIG 3lbs 8oz and 16in long, with 75% of her inside outside her little body.. I would do it all over again just to have both my babies...

I was also told at the age of 16 i couldn't have kids.. Someone was wrong.. Son at 21 and daughter at 22 ( due to being a month early otherwise would have been 23) she was due on my b-day 4-19

Cara - posted on 12/14/2009




I had to have my labor induced(due to preclamsea) I went in on June 15th. and they started inducing it. Well i went into labor at 6AM on the 16th. I was having harder and harder contractions and i didn't to 8cm til it was 7pm. So i started pushing for 2 HOURS. They thought the babies head was just too big so i continued to try, Than they ordered me a emergency c-section and it turns out my baby body was looking up instead of down, and Her little nose kept hitting my pelvic bone(thank goodness it didn't do any damage) So i was had my baby girl at 10:45 Pm on June 16, 2009

Adrienne - posted on 12/14/2009




I went into the hospital to get the back pain checked out because the day before I say my Ob who told me I would probably have the baby in 12 - 24 hours. Also the day I go in to get checked out is my first son's 1st birthday. I got to the hospital at 4pm dilated 4 cm and contractions but it just felt like cramps in my back. So they told me to walk around, so I did. Around 8pm my OB pops in says that he's on his way to the airport for his vacation and that another doctor would be helping to deliver my baby. I was just glad he stopped in and asked how I was doing before he left. At 8:30pm the other doctor comes in checks me and decides to break my water. That is when I could finally feel contractions. I was fine for half an hour then all of a sudden I couldn't breath through my contractions which made the pain even worse then before. At 9pm I finally asked for an epidural before I asked they checked me 5 minutes before9pm and I was only 5cm and the head was still high. The epidural guy came in around 9:10pm and started trying to get it in. For my first son they kicked out my husband while they put the epidural in. This time they only kicked out my mom and sister and left my husband with me. So the epidural guy had the needle in my back and I told the nurse I had to push and was trying not to. She checked me looked at the epidural guy and said she's ready to push now. The epidural guy was like wait it's almost in, "NO She's Ready to Right Now." So he hurries and gets it out, the nurse calling for the doctor. They rolled me onto my back telling me not to push to wait 2 minutes. They hadn't pulled out the bottom part of the bed. The nurse and doctor didn't even have their gloves or any of the other things on. I didn't even push, my son just rolled out onto the bed. (My husband waited until I went home 5 days later from the hospital to tell me no one caught our baby boy.) My son was born 9:15pm June 26th, a birthday present for my 1 yr old son! :) But then the next morning I woke up with a spinal headache thanks to trying to get an epidural and having to hurry to get it out. They did a blood patch and I could go home after being in the hospital for 4 days.

Tiffani - posted on 12/14/2009




I had my first pain at 5pm. Being my first baby I was told I had hours and hours to endure and to try to "relax". So into the shower I get. not 15 minutes later I NEED to push. SO I have my hubby help dress me and off we go to the hospital. I'm incredibly cool under pressure and never loose control. The staff him-haws around and says I have to wait for a room to be readied for me. I wait several minutes in the hall. Once I get my room I tell the nurse I can't give a pee sample I need to be checked now...She'll be right back.... My husband has rejoined me and knows how very cool I am...I tell him I need to be checked and thank God for him...he gets a nurse in and gets me into bed. and Lo and behold I am full dialated! And now it's an emergency....still waiting for my midwife...I didn't even have time to undress, I wore my shirt and delivered my baby in no time flat. From my first pain until I was holding my Angel Butt was less than one hour and twenty-five minutes. If I hadn't gone to the hospital I could have cut that time in half. My husband says our daughter came out so fast she did a 180 on the table, it was like how the NASCAR winner spins cookies after the finish line!

Kimber - posted on 12/14/2009




On july 24th 2009 my life changed forever.. for the better. a friend of my boyfriends and mine where moving to Washington state and we where over at there house helping them move packing boxs and that kind of thing. Andi and i where out side cleaning out a car that had a really bad smell in it and my stomic started to hurt now i know this is probaly to much information but it all ties together i have had digestive problems my whole life and take laxitives to keep me from bloating up that morning i took 4 (feeling bloated) the smell from the car was nasty , after being their for a little bit my stimic felt like it was on fire but i didnt want to complain cuz they where already going through so much, we decided we cant take it any more and that the guys should do the rest.. Andi and i went inside and started washing drying and packing dishes at this point i was in so much pain that i excused myself to go to the washroom... i noticed i was bleeding and i thought it was odd just i had just finished my peroid not thinking anything of it i just sucked up the pain and went back to helping about 30 mins later the pain wasnt getting any better and we all kinda took a break i was watching the boys play games on the computer at this point i have to leave that room to go lay on the coutch in the other room my boyfriend walked in and asked if i wanted him to take me home i said no i just need like 5 mins at that time the brother of my boyfriends friend came in the house to pick up a dishwasher (important) i had had enough of the pain at that point so i decided to go to the bathroom and well give it all i got one push and i heard a splash and felt better and with the second push their was a baby in the tolite i reached down not thinking just reacting and pulled her out of the tolite .... i guess they all heard her cry cuz from what i was told everyone froze and my boyfriends face turned gost white i screamed for andi she ran in grabbed the baby from me i fell to the floor and from then i jusr remember bits and pieces of what was going on i remember phillip ( boyfriends friends brother) ome running in and i yelled at him to get out because i had no pants on he did but then rushed back in telling me hes and EMT and had just taken a class on this like a couple weeks before this happened he held my hand and andi was taking care of the baby my boyfriend was on the phone withmy mom telling her i had a baby, when the ambulance came i was in and out so much i just wanted to close my eyes and hoped it was a dream it as not on the way to the only hospital in the county that i live in (witch does not have anything for babys) i was punched in the stomic and pocked by the IVS and had my boyfriend telling me he was sorry only to be tranfered to another hospital 35 mins away.... my mother meet me at the little hospital and at that point was when i broke down and cryed i remember saying "i didnt know i didnt know im sorry " she said everything will be ok and that the baby is doing great we got to the other hospital i was admitted and the baby was taken away for testing she was 6 lbs 14 oz and doing great they estimated she was 39 weeks and healthy... this being my first baby and not really knowing anything about babys i was beyond nervse but my family and boyfriend and friends helped me through it all when i came home we had people just giveing us stuff because we had nothing most people have 9 months to plan for a baby i hade 10 mins to change in to a mom from a 22 year old girl who was just having fun and being with my man to a stay at home mom and i love it now . i had my peroid the whole time i was pregnent and only gained 7lbs and didnt show i was in a bathing suit and swimming just a couple week earyler and from what the DR told me she was sideways in my hips and because of my digestive problems i thought it was just the laxitives working when she was moving around.... Today Victoria Rain Anderson is doing great hitting all the right mile stones and my boyfriend and i are so very thankful for everything and everyone that has helped us she was ment to be here and so great tings she is happy healthy and full of life and i am loving every moment of my life with them

Krista - posted on 12/14/2009




Mine wasn't quite as dramatic as some of them here, but was still kind of wild. On Aug 12th, I woke up that morning and thought my water might have broken, but wasn't sure. There was just a tiny bit of dampness, but I knew it wasn't urine. So I called the hospital and they told us to come in and they'd check me out. Went in, they examined, and said they didn't detect any amniotic fluid, but that they'd keep me for the day. So my husband and I sat around all day, basically just looking at each other, and going for frequent walks to try to get things going.

At 4pm, they examined me again, and actually detected fluid this time. But I was only 1cm dilated. So they decided to admit me, and said they'd induce me in the morning if there was still no progress.

By morning (Aug 13th, my due date), no progress, so they put me on full strength pitocin. I was having contractions, but just weak ones, and not at all frequent. By 6pm, still no progress, and still only 1cm dilated, so they decided that at 9pm, they'd give me a c-section.

At 7pm, I was updating Facebook, saying I was going to have a section, and as soon as I hit "update", my water broke for real. And then hell was out for recess, because the pitocin kicked in and I started having really hard contractions with not a bit of a break in between them. Agony.

So I was basically screaming into my pillow for almost three hours, trying to endure this, because I wanted to avoid drugs. But they examined me, and I was STILL only at 1cm, so I filed my birth plan under "Screw That" and asked for an epidural. Once I got the epidural, I actually slept for an hour, during which time I went from 1cm to 9cm.

At exactly midnight on the 14th, I felt the need to push, and pushed for a little over an hour. Sam's heart rate was dropping, so they gave me an episiotomy to get him out faster. He was born at 1:15pm -- nothing went the way I thought it would, but I had my beautiful, healthy baby boy, and that was all that mattered.

Betsy - posted on 12/14/2009




My first birth was very tough. I went into hard labor (ctx 5 min apart) Friday night at 11 pm, which never stopped all while in the hospital. I delivered him at 4:21 pm Tuesday afternoon. After many hours of pushing, he became so stuck in the birth canal, he couldn't get out and went into distress. They tried to push him back up to make a c-section possibkle, but he got stuck again. Finally they used the vacuuum extractor, which was the first time it was ever used at my hospital in 1990, to get him back down for me to push, then with forceps and a killer episiotomy, he was born.

Second birth was hell. I went into labor Sunday afternoon, and it was too early. They knew I would probably labor long again. The baby was sick and died during that labor and was born dead on Wednesday morning. I had to be rushed into the OR immediately after since I had begun hemmorhaging. My husband said goodbye to our son as they told him as they took me to the OR I had a 50% chance of making it since the hemmorhaging was so severe.

3rd was only 28 hours and I felt great. Delivered twice more since them. 4th was an emergency c-section when I had a severe placental abruption after 24 hrs of labor. 5th was suppose to be a vbac, but after 18 hrs of labor, one of the twins was pushed by the other and turned completely breech. I have great pregnancies and rough long deliveries, but I can't want to have the next baby. It's all worth it!

Tjuana - posted on 12/14/2009




Wow, It seems like a lot of these 2009 babies kinda did the same thing. For two months I was half a centimeter. Durning my pregnacy, i went from 160 and by the time I had my baby, I was 126. I was to be induced on Wednesday but they didn't have an available bed so for 5 hours I had to sit in the waiting room. I finally had a chance to see my Dr. and reminded her I was 40.5 weeks. Sunday was the day. I was admitted at 7:30am Sept. 20 for inducing. First they made me walk for 2.5 hours, then they put something (can't remember the name) into me to try to help me dialate. I had to wait 13 hours between each patch. After that didn't work, we started with the pictocin and epidural (which iched like all hell) at around 8 the next morning the epidural ran out and the anesteciologist was on another floor. He came in at 10:30 and gave me a little more which didn't kick in. at 41 weeks and 1 day, Sept 21 12:09pm, I gave birth to my little girl who opened her eyes and put her thumb in her mouth. I could sware she smiled at me. My pregnacy was hard ALL throughout but If I had to I would do it again. (My thirteen year old took 17 hours with no meds all natural, guess my body just takes to long lol)

Brandi - posted on 12/14/2009




wow. my son came quick like that. I was having contractions ALL day, but they were mild and didn't really bother me. i was babysitting 3 children and I had my daughter who was 2. The parents of the 3 children came to pick up their kids and my mother suggested we all make a trip out to visit my grandfather for a bit. We stopped for take out and sat with him for a while (this is about 6 oclock in the eve. now) My contractions started to come a little stronger and 3 mins. apart, but i'm still not worried, they still don't hurt a lot. I called the dr. he said we'll check you out (i must've sounded too calm for any concern). I told him I have to get my daughter to the sitter, I'd be in in about an hour. So I arrive at the hosp. around 8. As I walked into the delivery room, I told the nurse go ahead and get the anesthesiologist, I want an epidural. She said, we have to wait for the dr. to come check you. I said OK where is he? She was like he's on his way. Ok. fine. a half hour later, I'm like where's the dr? she informs me that he was coming from home. I'm like where is home??????? My hubby remembers that "home" for the dr. was about an HOUR away!!!! Ok, it was really starting to hurt now and NO DR. So NO DR. NO DRUGS not tylenol, not stadol, NOTHING and I was starting to be in some real pain. This is about 9 or so. and I'm really starting to be in pain. asking the nurses for the dr. and am I gonna get an epidural. the nurse is like, I don't know if there will be time. I was like WHERE IS THE DR????? the nurse is like he got called to the E.R. I'm like are you F-ing kidding me. I NEED TO SEE THE DR! FINALLY the dr. comes in and says oh you really weren't kidding this baby is coming. I'm like yeah. he said you look about 6 cm. so we have a little while. HE LEAVES!!!!!! My water breaks and 5 mins. later, the nurse checks me I'm at 8cm. I tell her I HAVE TO PUSH!!!!!! She says, honey you're only at 8. I said I don't care I have to push. She says no really honey you were only at 8 I said NO REALLY I'M PUSHING She says ok, lets have a look. and low and behold, I'm at 9 and 1/2 (in 30 secs from 8 by the way) and she's all like, we need to get the dr back in here. I'm like I'm not waiting for the dr. I HAVE to push NOW!!! the nurse is like, no honey just breathe don't push. I'm like NO I AM PUSHING it hurts (mind you still no drugs and I'm not getting any) So I start pushing, cuz my baby wants OUT. the nurse is HOLDING the baby's head inside (are you f-ing kidding me) STILL NO DR. FINALLY the dr. strolls in like he's on his way to i don't know like church or s.th. he sits down on his stool and looks up my vag. (baby's head is already ALL the way out, as the nurse finally decided to allow me to deliver my baby) he's like OMG we have a baby. I'm thinking DUH!!!!!! you just get out of med. school yesterday (except he's like 60 yrs old and has been doing this FOREVER). He starts reaching toward my baby (NO GLOVES) the nurse is like would you like some gloves Dr. Hemmer??? He's like ok yeah. My baby comes out and the nurse says I get paid for the delivery of the head. I'm like you fools didn't do nothing I should get paid for the deliver of the head (i did all the work after all lol) my baby was born around 10:30. just 2 and a half hours after I got to the hospital. BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY 7 LBS. 4 OZ.

Luciana - posted on 12/14/2009




Quoting Kay:

5 days labor no pain, after 5 days only 2 cm, c section, fever of 109, stopped breathing, icu 2 weeks, coma, life support five days, 1 month in hospital, blood transfusion, hematoma in stomach, 12 hour nurses for one month after coming home, couldnt walk for 2 months after...to make a very long story short!!! But i love him so....

Oh you poor thing,

wow Kay you went through it all. So when hes a bad boy, you know just what to say..lol

I hope that if you have more children that never happens to you again. God bless you.

Charitey - posted on 12/14/2009




My labor wasn't to crazy!!!!! I was due april 3rd and I had my daughter the 21st of april wierd rite. Well I went to the doctors on the 20th he did and ultra sound tell me she is going to be 5 pounds and have a very small head. Well at 15 years old your not suppose to carry to term. I carried past so he was estimating he wieght 2 weeks b4 she was born. I went to the hosp. at 6 am they induced me at 9 by 9:30 i was in the worse pain ive ever felt and so the epodoral doctor came up and made everyone leave the room. Hello im 15 i need my grandma. ( bc my mother passed on feb 14 this year) I was all alone and he messed it up. I only numbed on one side and then he gae me a second one.... That didnt work.... He hit a nerve in my spine and i have to have surgery because his human error they called it. well so on. I began to feel even worse. Well at 12pm They told me it was time to push I pushed for an hour and 9 minutes. My daughters head was to large to pass threw my opening. The doctor didn't even numb me and snipped just a bit of my taint. Well after that i pushed again and i ripped through my butt. And then i wasn't able to deliver my membrains and he had to reach in me and pull them out. OUCHHHH. but threw all that i got my babygirl kaylynn who weighed 9 pounds 12.9 ounces was 20 inches long and her head was 44 cm but i'd do it over again

Kylie - posted on 12/14/2009




i was 41 wks and 1day, booked in to get induced, went to the hosp, checked in, they did an internal and i was 3cm so they decided to try to break my waters instead of usin the gels to induce me, turned out my forewaters had already broken (i didnt no). At 10pm they gave me synctocin to get the contractions started, 2hrs and 15 mins l8r i screamed that i wanted an epi, pointless really coz 5mins and 3 contractions l8r my lil girl was born. Whole labor was 2hr and 20 min, (my 1st child was 12.56 hrs long, go figure), She was born on the 13th Dec 2009 (yep 3 days old).
Congrats to evry1 on their lil miricles.

[deleted account]

I began labor on a Monday morning (I think it actually started Sunday night, but according to Doc, it was Monday morning). I had my check up apt. and my Doctor told me that I was 1 cm dialated, but I was having severe pains so she had me go to the hospital because 2 weeks prior, I had a staph infection in kidneys. I get checkout out in the hospital, and they say that I am having contractions every 2 minutes, but only dilated 1cm. I was 36 weeks, so they did not want to induce. After being in the hospital almost the entire day, they send me home (yep, I got sent home too.)

Two hours after I was sent home, I was having contractions every three minutes and went back. I laid in a "temp" room on a very uncomfortable gurney until about 5 am (with my hubby trying to sleep in the plastic chair next to me). The Doctors had switched, and the new one wants to admit me (THANK GOD!!) They gave me some Stadol for pain, and allowed me some rest. Tuesday morning, they begin a Pitossin drip to induce labor. I go ALL the way to 9pm before I am fully dialated (oh, by the way - they also diagnosed me with a very painful UTI (urniary tract infection) which started my labor too early). I asked about a C-section because I am a very small woman, and did not think I could pass my baby, but they assure me that she is only about 5 pounds. I start pushing.. and after 2 hours have passed, they said I can have a C-Section!!

I finally have my C-Section around midnight, and my daughter is born at 12:23am Wednesday morning - with a very very bruised and bleeding scalp from being stuck in my pelvis. (AND did I mention she was 7 pounds and 2 ounces!?) .... She had high Bilirubin from the bleeding and went into the NICU for a few days until the levels were normal again... All together 37 hours of labor.. PHEW!

Kay - posted on 12/14/2009




5 days labor no pain, after 5 days only 2 cm, c section, fever of 109, stopped breathing, icu 2 weeks, coma, life support five days, 1 month in hospital, blood transfusion, hematoma in stomach, 12 hour nurses for one month after coming home, couldnt walk for 2 months after...to make a very long story short!!! But i love him so....

Trisha - posted on 12/14/2009




I went into the hospital at 10:30 because my water had broken and started having contractions around 12, but they were in my back and my leg, not my stomach so I got the epidural...waited and waited and started pushng at 3:30 that afternoon.....everytime I pushed I threw up popped all my blood vessels in my face...just for the dr to say that she was going to use forcepts at 6 pm my little girl was born. I had students stitch me up and did it wrong (and was in pain for 4 months after). I have never seen my family cry to much joy in thier lives.....I was in love and 19months we did it again and was much easier and we then again were in love!

Luciana - posted on 12/14/2009




OMG,, you flat lined...wow thats sooo scary. Why did they say that happened to you?? Im glad you made it out of it ok. What happens if you have another baby,, Whats your chances of that happening again??

Desire - posted on 12/14/2009




My water broke at 5:58 a.m. on aug 26th 2007. I had been dialated to a 1 1/2 for 2 months. got to the hospital and i was still a 1 1/2. they started me on pictocin cuz i was not having any contractions. was on full strength of pictocin for 9 hours. had my epidural. but was not dialating. my sons heart rate started to drop. so they slowly worked me down off the pictocin and that did not work so around 6:00 p.m. they told me they needed to do an emergency c-section. I was so nervous that i was shaking. the anesthesiologist said she could give me a little bit of a sedative to help relax me. They started the c-section. i remember feeling tired from the beginning. but something didnt feel right, so i keep telling myself not to go to sleep. but i could not help it. i flat lined twice. the first time they got me back quick. then my son was born at 6:38 p.m. and i flat lined again. they handed my son to my fiance and told him to take the baby and leave. all i remember is waking up in recovery. and getting to see my beautiful healthy little boy for the first time. i was in love!

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