Have you lost your identity and you as a woman not a mum?

Jenni - posted on 04/19/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was a reluctant stay home mum (work wouldn't let me go back after maternaty leave), 3yrs in and I'm getting use to it lol Where do I start, my husband and I meet, fell pregnant two months later, got married and had child. So our life has been fast with no regrets, with my father being sick also. My problem is and would like to know if others experience this andthat i'm just normal lol as a stay home mum have you lost your identity? Have you lost that sexy woman that you once were? I don't get dress up, I'm a stay home mum who's child makes you dirty sometimes know lol did I mention she was a puker - big time since birth for 10mths, til we put her on solids 100% then it stopped. I don't find the need to dress up or put makeup on. We are just now starting to go out so hopefully this might help. Any advice please


Louise - posted on 04/20/2012




I think it is very easy to fall into the mummy role when you are at home. I don't wear make up or dress up unless I am going out somewhere as I dont see the point. I have been home on and off for 21 years as my eldest is 21 and my youngest is 3. In between times I have gone back to part time work and studied. I had a gap of 15 years between my middle child and third. I do notice that people now call me Abbies Mum rather than my name!

I am a strong woman but I am quite happy to hide in my domain (my home) and shut out the big world. I think for your own sanity you should make an effort to dress up and go out with your husband to a dance or social event at least once a month. This helps you to remember that you are a sexy woman before mother, nurse, cleaner, taxi driver,and bank!

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