Have you started xmas shopping yet???

Amanda - posted on 10/13/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




I finished off xmas presents for my neice and nephew today.
I seem to start earlier each year.

Now I just need to decide what I am buying for everyone else so I can get that too.

So, has anyone else started or is it just me xmas shopping in October???
Do you know what you are getting everyone??? or do you do it all at the last minute???


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Harmony - posted on 10/17/2011




I started like 5 months ago everytime I see a good clearance i rumage through and if I see something that I know someone will love I get it, but usually I will make something or do like some awesome coffess and stuff. My budget is very small for christmas so I have to splurge all year round to get it all.

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Nope. I only buy stuff for my 3 kids and don't usually start til November or December. I have an idea of most of what I'm getting, but I don't want to be too skimpy and it has to be an extra slim year....

Bonnie - posted on 10/14/2011




Nope. Would like to at least get through our son's bday and Halloween first.

Janelle - posted on 10/14/2011




i used to work retail, so if your people don't mind summer clothes for christmas now is the time to shop for the huge clearance savings. bought 4 shirts for my daughter, 2 for my son 1 for each of my nephews and a dress for me and spent $28. saved $250. shopping in oct isn't a bad idea!

Amanda - posted on 10/14/2011




I normally christmas shop through out the year, to make sure I get the best deals possible. But thank the lord I have ZERO christmas shopping this year, as the kids present is a week trip to FL. Yay for me! This might actually be a christmas I might enjoy.

Louise - posted on 10/14/2011




I have nearly finished my shopping just my husband to go and I leave that to the last minute because he is a nightmare to buy for. All mine except his will be done wraped and put away in boxes for delivery to houses nearer the time. I hate christmas shopping as the shops are so busy. I do most of my shopping by internet unless it is clothes and then I need to feel the quality of things. I start shopping at the end of September every year to spread the cost. I also buy in the January sales for gifts for christmas, but I usually forget what I have bought and buy again!

Amanda - posted on 10/13/2011




Yeah I'm the same. I've normally finished everything by the end of November. I refuse to go shopping in December unless I really have too.

Jodi - posted on 10/13/2011




I have started now that our birthday season is over. I just buy things as I think of them and see them as I go. At about the end of November I have a look over everything and THEN make a list of what else I need to get, but generally I'm almost done by then.....

I actually REALLY hate shopping in the Christmas rush. Too many people, never enough carparks, etc. I honestly couldn't be bothered and avoid it if possible.

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