Have you tired your breast milk?

Crystal - posted on 02/28/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I just have a weird but kind of cool question for all you moms out there; have any of you tried your own breast milk before and if so what did it taste like?

I've tried mine and it was really sweet, kind of like a mellon sweet. Nothing like the milk we usually drink at all. I've asked my girlfriends when they have children of their own if they will try their milk and all of them said no. But not knowing anyone in my circle of friends that have kids I'm asking my "CIRCLE OF MOMS" if any of you have tried it.

Trying it myself I can see why my son likes it more then formula LOL


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Evangelia - posted on 12/11/2013




Well of course I have, I also forced my best friend to try it and I served it to her in a martini glass! My mom also had a sip. From time to time when I express I do drink the milk about 60-80 ml. Also Couz my freezer is full and there is no space. My question is: could it be beneficial for the baby twice when moms drink there own milk? Coz what u eat or drink have an impact on ur milk. So since I occasionally drink my own milk could benefit my child twice. What r ur thoughts?

Kate CP - posted on 03/01/2010




Yep. I also tried formula and rice cereal and the both tasted like cardboard with a delightful aftertaste of vomit. Yuck. :P

Sherry - posted on 03/01/2010




Yes, daddy and I both did. Yes, it is a sweet to taste. But I tasted formula too and given the choice im with the kid. Breast milk all the way. lol

Renae - posted on 03/01/2010




I tried it. I try everything I give my baby because I want to know what I am giving him. I try his medicine, his baby food, everything. My friends think its strange, I feel its quite normal!

Danielle - posted on 03/01/2010




lol..i did..it is very sweet..hence y our children love it soo much!...
i expressed sometimes and when i put it in a bottle to heat up i had to make sure it wasthe right temp and i ended up licking it off my wrist because i was soo curious about the taste,lol...

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It's very sweet, nothing like cow's milk. And, I tasted my breastmilk when feeding each of my 3 children, and I'm sure there was a difference with each! After all, breast milk is baby-specific, so why not?

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