Have your kids ever wished you were younger?

Vera - posted on 10/15/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I had my kids at 29 and 36 and i'm soon to be 50 in november. My oldest , Devi, is soon-to-be-21 in march and my youngest, Kiera is soon-to-be-14 in march. I always wanted to have my second child when i was 34 so their gap wouldn't be as large, but sadly it ended in miscarriage only to have my wonderful daughter when i was 36. Kiera is always very depressed of my age. I don't feel old, and i'm very fit! But she keeps crying, a lot. She's afraid that i'm going to pass away young and that when she's older, her mom will be the first to pass as all her friends' parents had them young (or they are the oldest child so obviously their parents would be younger) Kiera also wishes her dad was younger (he's only a year old then me and very athletic) but when she asked him if he wished he was younger, he just replied, "growing up in the 60's was the best, I wouldn't change it for the world." I love his answer but I also feel sorry for Kiera, I wish I could make me her feel better but her sister also complains that I had her 'old.' 29 is not old either. Have any of you 'older' moms ever have your kids complain about your age?


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Jodi - posted on 10/15/2011




This is interesting because I am 42, I had my kids at 28 and 36, and I have never been made to feel any older than anyone else's parents. Perhaps it is the area I am from, but a lot of their friends have parents my age, some are even older. Some are younger. So it's never been a big deal to my kids at all.

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Im not an older parent but my parents are, my dad was 38 and my mom was 36 when they adopted me. I grew up always knowing that my parents were older and it bugged me. As an adult it still bothers me because they are in their 60's and I am only 26. I appreciate that I got a very privileged lifestyle because my parents were older and owned everything and had amazing careers and had they had me younger I would not have gotten all the things and experiences I did. I think that because my parents are older I decided to have my kids young so they could know their grandparents, all of mine had passed by the time I was 19. I think my dad sees that I have done this so he gets time with my kids. He decided to retire after my now 21 month old was born and has always been very active in both of their lives. Because my parents waited to be financially ok to have me they are able to help us out now because we decided to have kids first then finish school, which I realize may seem irresponsible to some. My husband did his time in the military to support us when the kids were little and now we are both about to graduate with degrees in Emergency Medicine as a Paramedic and him with his Peace Officers. I am glad my parents are here now to support and help us and I hope my kids get many years with them but when my 5 year old is 20 my dad will already be 79.

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My kids are 4 and 2, and I am about to be 38. My body on the other hand is one of a much older person. I was in an accident some time ago which herniated 3 discs and I have had for knee surgeries with two more to go. Needless to say I have a harder time getting around. My four year old has made dije comments like sorry you hurt mama and I wish you could get around better mama. It makes me feel sad that I can't do all the things her friends mamas can do. I feel bad I can't do all the things the kids want to do.

Vera - posted on 10/15/2011




Yes she actually now started thinking about these things after her dad turned 51 and realised that I was going to be 50! I don't know what to do, I can't reverse the clock sadly. My mom passed when I was 8 after her 8th child and my dad died at 76, but his diabetes was due to his unhealthy lifestyle + he was a smoker. Apart from that no one from my family has recently died, we are all relatively fit and her father has the best gene pool. But their grandparents are fairly young on their father's sad, my husband's mother is only 17 years older than him. Actually, Kiera's been thinking how she's getting 'old.' I hope she stops talking about the subject though, she's severely depressing herself to the point where i'm considering therapy

Tara - posted on 10/15/2011




Not yet, but my girls are still young. They are 3 1/2 and 2 - I had them at *almost* 36 and just after I turned 37, so I'll have to see how they are as they get older.

Is this a new concern? I didn't start worrying about my parents passing away until I had my own children, but my parents are now 69 and 65 and they are both diabetic - since you are younger and fit it is unlikely you will pass away young unless it is in a freak accident or something. Has anyone in your friend/family circle passed on recently? Maybe it's just them starting to realize their own mortality - I know I started thinking about stuff like that when my grandmother passed away just before I turned 16.

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