Haven't seen or heard from 16 yr. old daughter in 6 months. run away

Mariellen - posted on 06/22/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have 3 daughters. Bobbie age 21,Katie 20 & a17 yr. old Kayla who I cannot stand! Believe me, I thought I was the worst mom ever when I said that the 1st. time, now I know I am not and she is making me hate her to try to make her look like the victem, when in reality, her sisters and I are the victems. She is a compulsive lier, a master munipulator, a druggy and a slut who has clamidia and spreads disease knowingly all over town because she spreads her legs to everyone! I did Not teach any of my children to lie, cheat, steel or be a total backstabbing hoe! It makes me sick how she gets away with everything!! and I mean EVERYTHING! Even the police are munipulated by her! Just last year she got out of 7 tickets! 2 for smoking at school,2 fighting at school and skipping school. 1 for marijiuanna and 1for shopplifting.
She has also been turned in about 12 times for running away. I finally quit calling her in because no one will help. They would just bring her home when they found her and she would run again. The last time I just couldnt and wouldnt waist anyones time. She has been gone almost 7 months and we have moved into my fiancaes mothers house. She is almost 80 yrs. old and has dimentia and she took a fall.She needs someone with her at all times . When we finally got her back home she was starving to death. Wieghing only 60 pounds I have nursed her back to instead of almost dead, to what could be a few more yrs. of life:) And Even though I should be so proud of myself for doing this for her and my fiancea, I want to give up! She has two daughters, 1of her daughters is a drunk. She has only came here 2 times for 5 min. and has called everyone and turned us in.She called social services , the police and we were under investigation for elderly abuse.Of course, all of these people that she lied to about all her bullshit, caught on right away and they know shes a joke. Her other daughter sais she was moving in here too so she can help me and she would rent her house out and bank on rent. Well, she is living downstairs for about 4 months she never spends time with her and she tries to buy me off with anything she sees.I havent left this house except last night. My beautiful daughter Katie came for about 3 hours and I got a break. Thank God!!!! I am totally depressed!!! I only get paid $150.00 a week. I told them thats all i wanted for pay when we first moved in. Because she is paying me every week, but i dont think she knows that. and I dont want to be accused of stealing it. I mean, she has family all over this town, and No one has offered to just say hi. And the only family I have besides my kids is tom, her oldests son. The only reason why I ever agreed to this, but I need at least one day a week off or i might just leave one day! I mean, I have litterally given up everything. My home, my social life, my sanity! Anyways, I dont even know if Kayla knows we moved. All people arond town keep on saying is that she tells everyone lies about us, trying to make it look like we kicked her out and i abuse her! I wish i could beat her! How is this person even related to us?I cant stand her!


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Raye - posted on 06/22/2015




It sounds like you are going through a hard time. Maybe you should seek counseling to help you with some of these issues. It would get you out of the house, it would give you someone to talk to about all these feelings. And they may be able to offer suggestions on how to get along with your daughter and in-laws. They may also know more about local programs in your area that might help your daughter get help that she needs.

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