Having a hard time leaving my daughter with the babysitter!

Celia - posted on 05/29/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Let me start off by saying that I have a 7 month old daughter, she is very aware of things and clearly won't be out of my sight. As of today, I will be covering for one of my co-workers who is going to be on maternity leave tomorrow and won't return until 3 months from now. So I found a babysitter who is a family member of mine and had agreed to take care of my daughter while I work since I am a Dental Assistant (in progress of becoming a Registered Dental Assistant). Well, I just left her today with my aunt and as soon as I left her house the baby seemed fine, she wasn't fussy nor crying so I said to myself that she was going to be okay. As soon as I get to work I call my aunt and ask her how is my baby doing and she basically tells me that shes crying and won't stop, obviously I can hear her in the background and hearing that made me cry. I was already feeling guilty for even leaving her but HEY! I'm from California and it's an expensive state to live in. Anyways, I told my aunt that I would be calling frequently to see hows my daughter doing. About 20 minutes pass and I call, so I ask hows she doing and she says that shes doing fine, that she was already starting to fall asleep. It gave me some relief and made me feel better and at that time I was working calm. I call her again to see hows she doing and she told me that she was crying again, however, the baby had heard my voice and she calmed down. Again it gave me relief. Throughout the day my aunt was texting me every now and then saying that the baby was fine and for me not to worry about it which made me feel even better. To make a long story short, after work i go pick her up and right away she recognizes me and starts to laugh and giggle. Since I also have to work on saturdays i also have to leave her and a part of me doesn't want too because I know she will cry again and it would make me feel like a guilty mom. Any suggestions? Any advice?

Thank you for taking the time to read my novel

xoxoxo Celia


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Michelle - posted on 05/30/2015




She will get used to being away from you. You need to do the best for your family and if that means you have to work then so be it. A lot of women have to work to make ends meet, don't feel guilty at all.

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