Having a hard time potty training my three year old son!!

Andrea - posted on 08/09/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is very active and sometimes has a hard time to listen and follow instructions, he has a good chance of having ADD/ADHD as his father has it fairly severe . He turned three in june and Im looking to go back to school and put him into daycare. Most daycare centers even privite ones want the children to be potty trained, this I can understand so I have been trying all different ways to encourage him to use the toilet. He loves the toilet but not for the proper uses! He just likes to throw stuff in it and flush over and over!! I have gotten him to pee in it a few times and he has felt proud as I am too but then he will just pee in his undies after.. I still cant tell if he knows he has to pee? maybe we just cought it by luck those few times or if he just forgets he doesnt have a diaper on? i still put a pull up on him if we go out and at bed time.. I still havent gotten him to poop on the toilet yet.. does anyone have any tips on potty training an active kid who trys to pay attention but has a hard time catching on to things hes not overly interested in?


Tara - posted on 08/09/2011




Posted this in another, similar thread, but the info holds true here as well.

I have girls but I had asked about this when I was pregnant, just in case. Most of the moms I asked who had boys said to put cheerios or fruit loops in the toilet bowl and have him aim for them - they said it worked beautifully.

They also said that they taught their boys the alternate way of sitting on the toilet and "tucking" their penis into the bowl so they could go sitting down.

Wishing you luck on the training :)

Noticed another mom who said that she used the cheerios trick, but also rewarded her son with his favorite candy treat - he only got the treat if he used the potty - all the family, including grandparents, were on board with this, so the only way he got the treat was if he actually used the potty.

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