Having a rough day.

Toni - posted on 05/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm having a rough day and I need some where to talk about it. Its my family I'm from a big family and my parents live out of state so I only see them twice a yr. But I have 4 other siblings all with children including mine. So my mom is crazy busy trying to see everyone but this visit was particularly busy. So I didn't see her hardly at all even though I just had a baby and I thought she was here to see me and instead she is helping my sister prepare her house to be sold. So that was frustrating, then there is my sister. My sister and I are not on the best of terms so I hardly talk to her. But lately she has been hanging out with are sister in law who I hate. So my sister is buddy buddy with her but wont even talk to me. Plus she hates that I like our other sister in law. She doesn't see the irony. To top it off they post picture on Facebook so its in my face all the time. I'm just so pissed off and I'v complained to my husband enough that he doesn't want to hear about it anymore and I'm left feeling pissed and no one to talk to about how I feel. I don't know what to do. I try to be close to my family but I keep getting stung by them over and over again. I tired of wanting them to want to be with me and my family. I'm sick of always having to chase after them. I guess I'm just sad I'm constantly picked last. I don't know what I supposed to do any suggestions? Anyone else family like mine? How do you deal?
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~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/27/2013




Well, block the people on facebook that are causing you grief, and walk away from the situation. Sorry you are having a rough time...facebook is not the end all of life...it is easy to walk away from it and not see what you don't want to.

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