Having a very hard time dealing with my 10 year old son's attitude, talking back, and laziness!. He is a great kid and awesome big brother but I need some advice on what come other moms do when having this problem. Is it really just the age. Please help I am feeling hopeless =(


Mardi - posted on 10/22/2012




There are many ways to tackle this, the key is, you tackle it and dont let it blow out.....if he's starting this early, imagine what he will be as a teen and all those extra hormones running around.

Maybe its time for a little talk.....

You want me to do something for you.....you ask me nicely....I dont 'do' attitude.

Start taking away all his currencys (usually some electronic game/system), strip his room of everything but his school uniforms and bed if need be, but thats usually an extreme, so best left for future times to come.

The key is, dont threaten with anything you cant or wont follow through, and then follow through on every threat, eventually they will get that you mean business. He is only 10, so there is still hope, but he is now getting to an age where he probably doens't feel he is being heard, so it will pay to listen to him, then explain to him how its going to be and even why, Theres a time and place for all behaviour, and different behaviour will always get different reactions. Actions have consequences, so he's actions now need to have consequences.

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