Having issues losing weight, trouble eating well? Let's discuss!

Jessika - posted on 05/04/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a mom of a very active 3 years old who had a few pounds already too much and then I got pregnant and obviously like all new moms gained weight and have had issues getting it off! Let's share some tips that have worked for you!

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Jessica - posted on 02/10/2017




I've gotten back to my pre-baby goal weight twice- once after each child- and kept nursing through weight loss and beyond with Mummy magic weight loss tea.

Kaitlin - posted on 05/04/2012




we do body for life and it's amazing. My weeks are better because they are planned, meals are usually made in advance, and i almost always eat really well, and i can stick to a very rigid budget.

I take 1/2 hour a week to plan my meals and snacks and make my grocery list accordingly. I usually do it Saturday night and go shopping on Mondays with the kids. Monday and Tuesday nights when the kids are in bed I do all my prep work, though it's probably only two hours total. I don't spend hours in the kitchen, and all I have to do is go to the fridge. You should check it out.

My husband has lost 40 lbs thus far and is still going. I've lost about 20 (but I'm slowly gaining because I'm pregnant, lol, but I'm eating really well and I feel good).

Amy - posted on 05/04/2012




I'm doing weight watchers right now so far down 20 lbs. I also have eliminated all pasta from my diet and only eat bread at breakfast. When I'm hungry I snack on veggies now instead of chips and crackers. The last two weeks I've stopped using the treadmill but I'm looking for motivation to get back on it. Although as soon as the weather clears up we'll be hiking as a family, and I try to play tag with my 6 year old a couple times a week for a few minutes. One of the great things about working out is you have so much more energy, which is probably why in the last two weeks I don't want to get out of bed!

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