Having my college-aged child pay rent?

Bridget - posted on 05/17/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I need wisdom and courage. I am a total coward. I assumed my daughter would be completely understanding and willing to do her part to pay rent now that she is living back home. I told her we needed to set a time to discuss her paying rent now that she is home and she had a fit. I am not angry...just deeply hurt. I need advice to stand my ground. I just thought she would offer to do it on her own. Our situation is so hard right now. She has student loans so its not as hard as it could be for her. I need a fresh idea on how to approach her again about it.

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Sarah - posted on 05/17/2015




I would have not assumed your daughter would have started paying rent on her own. Just because she is now a certain age does not mean that now you pay rent. If that is something you want to set up that is fine, but I will say there are also many parents that feel while you are in school (high school or college) the child does not pay rent. They are still expected to obey house rules and help out with household chores. So just as you are hurt by her fit she might be hurt by your suggestion for rent. Sit down and discuss things.


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Dianne - posted on 05/23/2015




I'm not sure how I would approach it. Maybe ask her why she is angry and then explain why you feel hurt. I think it's a generational issue. A lot of younger millenials seem to have a sense of entitlement and assume their parents will pay for everything.

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