having trouble with baby sleeping in back

Jyolsna - posted on 06/10/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




OK, so I am new to this forum and maybe this question regarding sleeping position has already been discussed before. But here I go. My LO is 4 weeks old and is having trouble with sleeping on her back. I guess she has tummy ache coz of gas. I religiously burp her after feeding but to no avail.
She won't stay asleep for more than an hour when put in her back after which she starts fussing.
I was reluctant to let her sleep in any other position but thought I would see how she sleeps on her tummy. I flipped her over to her tummy and she slept peacefully. Of course I was watching her the whole time. I am a stay at home mom so I can afford to stand guard over my DD like that.
So my question is is it safe to let her sleep on her tummy during daytime naps. I don't mean just putting her on her tummy and leaving the room. If I am there to flip her to her back if she seems uncomfortable can I let a 4 week old to sleep on her tummy.


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Sarah - posted on 06/11/2015




Personally I would try to keep her on her back. It may get hard to keep her on her back at night if she prefers tummy during the day. What I would do is try swaddling her tightly and then getting either a rock n play or pack n play that has a newborn napper. These to items allow baby to sleep with a slight upright angle.....helps tons with those with reflux, gass, and colic. This is much safer then sleeping on tummy even if you are watching and also allows you to use them during the night times hours when you are not keeping watch.

Jady - posted on 06/11/2015




My LO was the same.,Yes it's ok. Best person to ask would be the health visitor Just for extra reassurance if you like.

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