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the last day of my period was Dec 13 2010. went on Jan 7, 2011 to get first set of Hcg levels. Came back at 13. Went again Jan 13, 2011 to get Hcg lever done. Came back at 226 or around the 220-250 mark. Doctor said they would have expected it to be around 136 or so. Is this a good thing. I never knew the Hcg levels with my daughter.


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I don't know what my levels were with my child either, but I read that I think they are supposed to double every few days during the early part of a pregnancy. I would agree that if they are higher than they expected that should be okay. I would be concerned if they are lower than expected as it might indicate miscarriage. If the doctor only said they expected them lower and then sent you home, I'm sure they thought it was okay. Otherwise I would have thought they would have sent you for additional tests or asked you to come back soon.

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I dont think you should worry, if the levels were too low then that might mean a false pregnancy or possibly that you had/were having a miscarraige. But since the levels are higher than usual I think that just means the baby is thriving and doing well in your body. My levels were also higher (which the doctor didnt seem concerned about) and I just ended up with morning sickness from hell lol and my daughter is super healthy :) try not to stress...


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Put your mind at rest and have a scan. If the scan is right for the dates then you have nothing to worry about. By around 6 weeks they can see a heartbeat so this should put your mind at rest.

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