he has a girlfriend

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Hi moms. my 10 year old boy told me that he has a girlfriend. Is it normal and how do I handle this.what do I sa6 to him? Thank you.


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10 is way too young for a 'girlfriend'. What does having a girlfriend mean to him? It is fine to have girls that are friends, but only adult supervised, group activities are appropriate at this age and stage. There should be no focus on 'one on one' relationships w/ the opposite sex at 10... that's behavior more appropriate for the mid teens (at the earliest).

It's also time to talk to him about puberty (if you haven't yet), hormones that can cause you to make stupid, impulsive decisions, and get started on a bit more details in his sex education (assuming he's already been taught some of the basics).

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Uh oh:( I bet it is nothing. He is probably joking around or better yet the little girl he is talking about has no clue he exists, lol. However, if this is serious, it seems like the little guy needs more to do, ie. sports, scouts, something to keep him occupied. I am not thinking that this would be acceptable. I have a son who will be 11 in June and if he spoke of a girlfriend I would be floored. They are still so little. 15 seems more reasonable and even then I am not going to be happy about it but its life. Best wishes for a talk with your son.


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I would be asking him what he thinks having a girlfriend entails first.
You also need to discuss puberty and everything else (if you haven't already). These discussions should be a part of everyday conversations though and should happen well before puberty starts.
My 6 year old has a "boyfriend". At first he didn't even know but he does now. They only see each other at school but when I ask her if they have kissed she's repulsed so it's good.
Just make sure you are able to talk and listen to your children. You want them to be able to discuss things with you rather than their peers.

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