He just won't respond to his name... I'm so scared!

Rasa - posted on 10/05/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 18 month old son just would not respond to his name. He completely ignores me and keeps doing whatever he is doing. He even starts getting upset if you insist on repeatedly calling him. He's a very busy boy and his day consists of going from room to room while pulling on doors, drawers (and items in them). He even doesn't mind hiding in dark places. Only sometimes he will shortly play with his toys, which are mainly car wheals. He understands "no", yet most of the time chooses not to listen. Sometimes he even tries to run away with an item he can not have. He eats large variety of foods. He doesn't flap or tiptoe. He says only few words like bye bye, night night, mama. He makes good eye contact, plays peek-a-boo, gives high-five, loves to be chased, tickled, pretends to talk on the phone and even expects you to talk on his phone, would go and smell flowers if you ask him to, and points at things saying "this" quite often.
I mainly feel alarmed about his complete lack of response to his name, yet I know he can definitely hear! We have an appointment for the developmental evaluation set, yet I'm complete nervous wreck that my child could possibly be autistic. Any of the mothers here with similar experiences with their children? Please share with me your thoughts!

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