He says he's divorcing me but hasn't filed, should I ?

Yael - posted on 08/01/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I married my daughters father after twenty years of being separated from him in high school. I have always loved him because he was always such a gentleman. I made it a point to be the best wife I could be because I did not want to loose him again. I was faithful, communicated, accepted all of his kids, took care of his mom, was cordial to all of the family, waited on him hand and foot and now we are in the process of a divorce. I've always had to ask why he talk to his babies mama while I am not around. To me this was disrespectful and respect is all I have. He drives trucks OTR. We have not live together since December 2011 and when I ask why we are getting a divorce he can't tell me. People have ups and downs in every relationship and I never thought ours was ever serious enough to get a divorce but to him I guess it is. In my eyes if we were not cheating on each other everything else was doable. Well I have accepted the fact that we are not getting back together but it bothers me not knowing what really happened especially when he keeps telling me he still hasn't been with anyone else. When he talks to me he makes me feel he can't stand the sound of my voice so now I do not talk to him. I think our biggest problem was when he allowed his family to get in our business. Anyway I pray daily because I want closure but he won't give it to me. I have now moved on to find happiness spiritually. I am letting God help me in my search for a new husband who really wants a wonderful wife.

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