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I'm Trying to let my Boyfriend of 5 year help me raise my 4 children from a previous relationship Hes great with the kids and they love him but we are always fighting on how to raise them I think that if my 10 year old son needs to leave the chore he is doing to use the restroom its fine but he thinks hes just trying to get out of the chore every time I try to talk to him about situations as of this one he thinks i'm making him look like the bad person or just says yes dear just to agree to stop the conversation I know i need to trust him a little more with Raising the kids but I just i guess i think i know whats best I have took alot of his advice but i'm starting to feel its all about what he wants and I don't know what i'm doing at all anyone got advice or has been here before How did you handle it i don't want to lose him cause we cant agree on The kids


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I agree with Mardi.

You need to come to an agreement on who will discipline the kids. It also helps to draw up a set of house rules, that way there aren't any "grey" areas about what you expect.

As far as the leaving a chore to use the loo I would be making sure it's not all the time. Even make him go before he starts, then he won't have to go while he's doing his chores and your boyfriend won't have any reason to get angry about it. My oldest son quite often uses the toilet excuse when he doesn't want to go to sleep. It's a good one because we don't want to deny them going.


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Mardi - posted on 12/01/2012




I have 3 kids and have been in a similar relationship for 10yrs.

My kids have a dad and didn't really need another one. We used a white board so he could 'dob'on the kids. I would then pass out the discipline as the parent.

By taking him out of the equation, I had to always step up as the parent. It can be tiresome through the teen years ,but it has removed a whole level of conflit. And allows my partner to support me 100%.

The hardest bit was getting him to understand I picked my battles.

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