He won't stop screaming! What do I do?

Maria - posted on 01/21/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




When my son doesn't get what he wants he screams in this really high pitch scream. I smack his mouth but not hard, I've spanked him and nothing seems to help.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/22/2015




Smacking his mouth might actually reinforce his behavior. Hitting in general just teaches them to hit when they don't like someone elses behavior. Definately try ignoring him, or start talking to him in a whisper. That way they whisper back....lol used to work like a charm for my daughter.

Jodi - posted on 01/21/2015




You smack his mouth. Are you aware that is child abuse? Stop abusing your child. I don't agree with spanking anyway, BUT hitting a kid anywhere in the face or head is abuse, I don't care how hard. No matter that it is only going to escalate the behaviour.

Let him scream and let him know you are not available to him until he stops. Walk away from him. Don't make eye contact with him, just completely ignore his behaviour.

How old is your child?

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