headaches migraines "please help"

Sara - posted on 03/19/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Im 17 weeks pregnant with my 5th child, 4th pregnancy as had twons and this was a very big surprise. We decided it was a gift and as hard as it was to keep him. We love him and will get through. Just means skme extra renos :-)

Anyways ive had headaches here and there before and ive delt with them. But for the last few weeks ive got a couple that are absolutely horrible. They last for a couple of days and then go for a few then its back. This one i got on Tuesday, 3 days ago. It started at the top of my head and one panadene forte and one panadole helped, it was very dull the next day i woke up and got one on my right side of head, and my neck was extra sore, it was throbbing in the back of my neck just under my skull on right side a bit. I tried rest and cold and heat, snacking everything, untill i gave in and took two panadene forte, (witch is just stronger panadole). I went to bed and i finally slept through the night once falling asleep. I went to doc yesterday as i was worried but blood pressure was perfect and he said it did not sound like a head pain to be concern about.
So i got up this morning, it was gone but then it started on the left hand side and its the exact same pain as yesterday just on my right side of head and neck... aghhh. Im so scared and worried as i suffer health anxiety.. my neck becomes quite sore when i get this headache.

I just would like to know if there is others who experience this... or something similar.. please help me by comments with what yours were like.. where they were how painful they were and what helped.
I dont want to be in bed again today.

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