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I have children in that are being hit an pushed by teachers in there daycare the use sticks to threaten them an its not just my kids its others too ...what should I do ? Should I put my hands on 1of them or try something else an what else can I try ?


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If you "put your hands" on any of them you will ruin your credibility and likely be hit with assault or harassment charges.

What you should do:
First, pull your children from the daycare--obviously, they are not safe there. You can place them in another daycare, take a couple of weeks off from work to stay home with them until the situation is handled, or hire someone in home to watch them. Personally, I've always prefered a nanny in my home to watch my child when I work so that I can use our security surveillance to keep an eye on them.

Next, compile your evidence that this is taking place. If you have witnesses, take their statements and type them up. If you have video our audio surveillance, make sure it is compiled on a READ ONLY disk. Make several copies of everything.

Once your evidence is in order, you need to speak to the director. Let him or her know that you have this evidence and if appropriate action is not taken you will file charges. If you get no results within the week, take your evidence to the police and file charges. The police are required to at least investigate, and if your evidence is solid, the center can be shut down. Plus, the investigation alone will frighten other parents, and they will pull their own children from the daycare cutting heavily into their profit margins. It will be difficult to recover because no one wants to leave their child in the care of someone who might be abusive even if no charges were ever filed.

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WOW! That school needs to be reported asap! And I would of withdrew my child as soon as I found out. Something needs to b done. They can and will be charged.

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