Hearing some interesting stuff on a doppler.

Mazy - posted on 03/04/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Ok, so I bought a doppler but I think it's starting to scare me more than comfort me!! I got it because I"ve been having concerns about twins since teh beginning (third pregnancy). I keep hearing two beats. I know it's not my own becasue it is around 60bpm & I always find it first to rule it out, so I know I'm not confusing that. I find one beat around 135 bpm on the lower to middle left side & one immediately after around 148-150 bpm on the upper right side. Now it is my understanding that the placenta is close to my heart beat & the umbilical cord is close to the baby's heart beat....is that correct? Could the umbilical cord or placenta have *such* different rates?


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You are hearing the heartbeat of both babies. Each twin will have its individual heart rate. The fact that you hear the heart beat in different places indicates the position of each baby. In the olden days, before ultrasounds, hearing 2 heartbeats was one of the first indications that a pregnancy was a twin pregnancy. Congratulations. By the way, yes, you can hear the placenta, which will be a heart rate close to your own.


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You are not trained to use a dopper correctly. You are right the cord and placenta can have different rates, but baby and those can also ECHO in your womb. See a doctor if you want to know the truth. Pay for an ultrasound out of pocket.

Btw its a tad scarey that you are so far along and havent seen a doctor yet, insurance or not. If you can afford to raise a child please be responsible and find a way to see a doctor. If you are having twins, they are considered high risk, and by now you would of had a few ultrasounds to make sure your pregnancy is going well.

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I am currently 17 weeks along & have not seen a doctor yet (insurance & moving out of state issues). It is also my third pregnancy. I first used my doppler somewhere around 12 weeks, but thought I was wrong with hearing two beats, so I put it away until now. I don't like to use it a lot since there is some concerns about them to the fetus, but in the last two weeks I keep hearing the same as before. I'm hoping to get a doc appt VERY soon.

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How far along are you? Have you heard the heartbeat(s) at your doctor's yet?

Don't get nervous just yet- could be twins, but it might not be. You aren't trained in what to listen for, and no matter how much describing you're able to do online, it won't be the same as hearing it. Talk to your doc about your concerns at your next apt, or schedule one sooner- they are trained professionals that will be able to discern what you are hearing, if it's twins, or if it's something else, or if it needs other attention. :D

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