Heartbreak every time when dating

Linda - posted on 12/12/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is 20 and it's easy for girls to fall in love with him, but he always ends up losing the young ladies he dates. We have loved the 3 girls he's dated (not at the same time lol obviously ),recently hes going through yet another breakup, he's a super step daddy to the girl's 2 year old son as they've been dating since the toddler was 10 mths old.she loves us and her little boy loves us and I had the privilege of being called nana. Recently she's had to go on a trip to Germany for her career and we have helped so much with her little boy,but my son felt things weren't right and as he has separation problems,it has been especially hard for him. He's worried she will come back and she'll get back with the child's father, but she as a good mother,allows the father ( who cheated on her when she was pregnant )to see his son, however he hardly visits and has recently got another girl friend pregnant n left her to try and get back with her.my soon has been there through her tears,and loves her so much. But they argue such a lot because of his inability to read between the lines and understand how a woman feels, he needs to be in control although he doesn't realise this, hes always worrying and feels abandoned if she has other things to do and is taken its toll. He also shouts very loud and can have horrible meltdowns and smash walls and doors. Just needed to vent as it's nearly to another breakup and he tends to always blame other people if this go wrong. And he's very down or very happy and hyperactive. But he too has found it so hard with each girl he's had ( on average 2 years)and the female voice when he's hypersensitive makes him very annoyed.thankyou for reading. I'll need prayers n hugs as is going to be heartbreak hotel here in the next couple of months when in the next few days he thinks she will break up with him. He has a habit of reading people's messages on face book and she's asked her mum what she should do. Xx

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